Pinball parts for sale

On these pages is an overview of what pinball replacement parts I have for sale. New, NOS (new old stock) and used pinball parts are listed together.
Of used parts for sale I usually only have one part available. NOS parts usually are in a limited quantity available, only one or a handfull. Only generic parts I usually have enough stock and am able to order more. So if you need a specific part then always ask me how many are available.

On this site you can lookup on what games a specific part number is used.

Game specific pinball parts for sale

These are replacement parts that are used on one (or a few) specific titles of pinball machines.

remote battery holder
Remote battery holder.
I had these for sale a few years ago, then quit making them as it took too much time. But now I have started to make and sell them again ! Protect your pinball machine from damage by leaking batteries. Almost every type of pinball machine has a batteries in it, when they leak (because of age or malfunction) they can ruin your expensive mpu board ! Easy installation, just plug in, no soldering or other experience required.
Only 8 euro each.

gottlieb bad girls partsGottlieb Bad Girls3 used pop bumper caps3 euro each
gottlieb varitargetGottlieb Bad GirlsUsed Gottlieb vari-target assembly.
Comes from a Bad Girls but probably used on a lot of other Gottlieb games.
10 euro
Williams Bram Stokers Draculaused metal partsoffer
Bally CorvetteA-11721 bracket (left in picture)
Right bracket part number unknown, used on a lot of games.
5 euro each
Williams WhitewaterGreen standup target - only 1 available10 euro
Williams Whitewater
and Getaway
lamp boards
bally game show partGame showBally Game Show left outlane plastic2 euro

Generic pinball parts

These parts are used on a lot of machines and usually fit on all machines of the same brand (Williams, Bally, Stern, Gottlieb, ..)

unknownWide red target, front mounting 15 euro
unknownYellow square 3D target
Note: only target with switch ! No mounting assy.
8 euro each
unknown2 targets 10 euro set
unknowndrop target reset plate for 3 targets5 euro
Bally / Williamsdrop targets wide top 03-8033
small droptargets also available
4 euro each
Gottliebwhite clip-on bumper caps2 euro each
 red transparant flipperbuttons 1"
only 2 available
3 euro each
 white flipperbuttons 1.5"3 euro each
Bally / Williams02-4179 bushing link spacer0.5 euro each
Bally / WilliamsWPC coil stops2 euro each
Bally / Williamsconical flipper return spring0.75 euro each
Bally / Williams10-128 pop bumper and slingshot spring1 euro each
Bally / Williams10-148 plunger spring1 euro each
Bally / Williams10-364 WPC flipper return spring1 euro each
Bally / Williams10-389 diverter plunger spring2 euro each
Bally / Williams10-392 spring for Theatre of Magic trapdoor1 euro each
Bally / Williamsblue flasher caps
tune your Whitewater pinball machine
3.5 euro each
Bally / Williamsred flasher caps (orange sold)3.5 euro each
Bally / Williams01-5493 bakelite pop bumper link
steel part is also available (no picture)
1 euro each
Bally / Williamsupkicker (A-14585 is in middle of picture)
other types also available
15 euro
Bally / Williams03-8561 (left in picture): upkicker ball cup
(older model right in picture: 4 euro each)
2 euro each
Bally / WilliamsA-13278 and other plungers.
Right in picture are knocker plungers (5 euro each)
10 euro each
 E-clip. Used on the shooter rod and other plungers.0.40 euro each
Bally / WilliamsShooter cabinet part - used.10 euro each
Bally / WilliamsCabinet hinges - used: some scratches, need repainting.20 euro set
 'Beer tape'. Goes at the bottom side of the lockdow bar to prevent spilled liquid on the playfield glass from entering the machine. Can also be used as foam backing for standup targets.3 euro for 1 metre: enough for a lockdown bar and many targets.