Our gameroom

Since we only started with 2 pinball machines in a fairly small house, we never felt the need to have a separate gameroom. But when we bought yet another machine, we realised our house was getting too small and something had to happen. We often tried to stop buying another pinball machine, and it's an impossible task to do. Selling a lot of our games is also impossible, our collection has reached the point that almost every game is a 'keeper'. But the house really was getting too small ! Our gameroom was upstairs, moving pins up and down became too difficult. We just can't stop ourselves of buying pins when we see something we want or when we stumble upon a good deal we just can't let it pass.
We could rent some storage somewhere, but as we live close to the city center of Antwerp, storage is expensive, and we prefer to have our pinball machines at home so we can play them, and not that we have to go out of our house to play a game. So what's one to do ? Well, let's move then ? No, I don't think so !

Okay then, we have a large garden, let's expand that way then? Hey, good idea!

And yes, the decision to build a gameroom was made that quickly. We're still not sure if this was the best or worst decision we ever made :-)

It's easy to have an idea, realising it however took about half a year and a lot of work. But here she is then, our gameroom:


It was hard work carrying 18 pallets of bricks and over 100 bags of sand through our house to the garden, but it was worth it in the end. Now finally she stands there, our gameroom, finished, painted and all done.... holding (almost) all our pins in one room (yes, by the time the gameroom was finished we had bought more pinball machines than we had room for).

Let the games begin!!!

gameroom pinball

neon guitar Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
The neon sign isn't a cheap chinese neon guitar like you see now at a lot of collectors shows for sale. The neon guitar we have is an authentic Gibson USA guitar neon, made in the USA. A Les Paul Custom Black Beauty in neon. It seems it was made as a limited edition. I don't know where exactly it comes from, my wife was able to get about 10 year ago when an american cafe (similar to the Hard Rock Cafe franchise) closed its doors here in Antwerp. And no, it's not for sale.

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