Flippers.be in the news

Our hobby isn't very common, our website has been visited a lot and we've helped organising some things (like the Belgian pinball championship in 2004), therefor we have been interviewed a few times for newspapers.


This article started it all. Gazet van Antwerpen, one of the biggest newspapers from Belgium had on 11/30/2002 an article about is. We were first contacted by the journalist as she wanted to make a feature about what pubs in Antwerp still had pinball machines. We helped her but as we were so involved with pinball she even made this article about us.


At the 2003 Belgian Pinball Championship, tv-personality Sergio interviews a lot of people, including Nikky.

tv crew filming pinball

In 2003 we organised a pinball bbq. There was even a TV crew of the national television VRT Een for the program 'Afrit 9', the program was broadcasted on November 10, 2003.

At the same event there was also a radio reporter for belgian Radio 2.


End of 2003, Peter van den Berg, one of Belgiums best pinball players is interviewed. Nikky is also present and talks about organising a Belgian pinball championship.


Early 2004, Nikky was interviewed for Gazet van Antwerpen. The article is about the Belgian pinball championship. In 2003 the organisation of the Collector Fantasies show, where the DPO had organised the championshp, was fined. Nikky explains in the article the result will be that an open pinball competition will be impossible to organise and tries to find a solution.


Together with the Dutch Pinball Organisation we did organise the Belgian Pinball Championship in 2004. This was also featured in Het Nieuwsblad on October 22, 2004. The article exaggerates: the competition wasn't illegal or underground.. it was just a closed event to which only members of the DPO could participate.

The preparation of the BPO 2004 was also shown very shortly on ATV (Antwerp regional television).


September 30, 2006. For a change not Nikky but Aeneas is interviewed for a newspaper, De Standaard. The double page article is published in the multimedia special of the newspaper. It's about this website, www.Flippers.be, and how people make use of the internet to aid with their hobbies.

Januari 2007. Together with the organiser of the Collector Fantasies show we organise the Belgian Pinball Championship. This time it's again an 'open' tournament, every belgian player can join. We do our best to promote this tournament and the show as much as we can, we contact journalists we know, email to newspapers and television stations, and finally we got more media attention than we had ever dreamed of !


The first article about the show and tournament appeared the weekend before the show, saturday January 13th. It's in the weekend edition of Gazet van Antwerpen. It's written by the same journalist who contacted us in 2002, therefor the reference to the previous championship.

Tuesday January 16th Nikky and Peter Van Den Bergh went to the program Live Request of JimTV. They were interviewd for about 10 minutes in total. The Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine they brought with them was the very same machine we had a few months earlier at our house for a weekend.

We were also contacted for the television program Man bijt hond. Because they wanted to focus on how pinball players prepared for the competition (and we were too busy with the organisation) we sent them to some other Belgian pinball players. The crew has filmed at the place of Kris, Evert and Lieven.


It doesn't always have to be the organisers of an event that look for media-attention. Player Anthony Croes-Lacroix wanted to so something himself to promote pinball in Belgium and contacted newspaper La Derniere Heure. Aeneas provded some practical information about the competition to the journalist and thus this article about Anthony appeared on thursday January 18.


La Derniere Heure follows up this article a week later with Anthonys result in the competition.


In Het Nieuwsblad there's another article about the show and collector Kurt geleyn is also interviewed.

Saturday morning, just before the doors of the show openen Nikky was interviewed by telehpone for Radio 1.

In the afternoon RTV (regional television) filmed and we also appeared on the evening news (click to view) of national tv vtm.

Sunday morning of the show then, already at 7.15am Aeneas is on the program Weekendwekker of national Radio 2.

And finally, national tv Een filmed twice ! We were featured in the news of 1pm (click to view) and were even the third item of the main news at 7pm (click to view) !


Finally an interview with the new champion Bart Baeyens appears in Het Laatste Nieuws. Contrary to what they write, there were not 1 but 2 woman, Evlyn ended third to last.