Match-Ball Wall-flipper german wallgame

Here's another rare game that you don't see often.. A german pinball wallgame, Match-Ball.
This type of wallgames was very popular in germany, especially in the 70ies. A lot of different types exist and you often see them for sale at shows (working and non-working). Most types however are of the Rotamint type, a kind of gambling machine. Skillgames also exist in this wallgame layout, but this specific type of wall-pinball machine I had never come across before.

So a game with flippers, small enough to hang somewhere in a corner in my gameroom ? I had to have it !
I had bought two of these machines (together with the Rally skillgame). One was missing its coin mechanisme, the other had it but had a broken front. So with both machines I could make one nice, complete game.. or so I thought..

Can you imagine my suprise when I came home and noticed both machines were missing their cpu board ?
I did have the schematics, this main board didn't look too complicated, so I thought I could reproduce this cpu board.
But after a year of having these two machines in storage, I had to make room, so I sold them to another collector.

Looking back I regret selling this machine. Now I've discovered the Arduino project, I would try to interface an Arduino board with the internals of this game and program it according to my own rules. Would probably have been a much interesting and even easier project than trying to repro the original cpu board.

According to the name on the schematics, the game was built by Apparatebau Heinz Melchers, 406 Viersen.
This company Apparatebau Heinz Melchers still seems to exist ?

Match-Ball Wall-flipper

Wallflipper pinball inside mechanism