Things I learned this week
Stupid things I've learned, don't try this at home.. a lot of weird / funny things can happen when repairing pinball machines.
Older stories can be found in the archive 2005 - 2006, archive 2007, archive 2008 and archive 2009.

Hidden artwork and references
Did you ever look close to all the artwork ?
Cirqus Voltaire cat

My warehouse find
A lot of old machines.

Gottlieb Cinderella Woodrail
you don't find a woodrail pinball machine every day..

Cheating with pinball
How to get the most points.

Cats and pinball
Cats just love pinball machines.

World Cup mini pinball redemption game
Some information about this special pinball game.

A whitewood Nip-It ?
Not a lot of wood left..

Pinball statues
An overview of pinball statues to collect.
pinball statue Joe Bar Team

Burn baby burn
Parting out 2 pinball cabinets.

My birthday cake

The discovery of Coca-Cola enamel advertising boards.

Pinball Subcontractors
Everything about pinball cabinets and playfields, artwork, Diamond Plate, pinball history, ..
Here is page 2 about cabinets.
And now there more information about the company ESC.

Funhouse guides
Do you have a Funhouse prototype, sample or regular production game ?

Addams Family Gold differences
Differences between a regular TAF and a TAFG pinball machine
Addams Family Gold

Crappy pinball machines
Unfortunately not every game is a success.. some literally crappy games.

Pinball Suicide Bunny
Pinball-related Suicide Bunny cartoon by Andy Riley.

Pinball photography
Learn how to make great pictures of your pinball machine. Large article !

11 tips for better photos
Tips to improve your picture taking skills.

New in box bowling machines
I found some antique bowling games that were still new in box.

Orbitor One history
The interesting history of this unique pinball machine.

Gary Stern presenting Orbitor 1

Big Bang Bar history
The interesting history of Capcoms Big Bang Bar and its remake by Illinois Pin Ball.

Pinball wallpapers
Download hi-res pinball photos to use as background for your desktop.

Pinball links
Links to other pinball related websites.

Human Pinball Machine
A TV show TUCS created a human pinball machine with their flashmob in the center of Antwerp.

FreeWPC manual
My FreeWPC manual. An additional manual, things I learned using FreeWPC.

10 years on
My post I made in 2010 when I was active on the newsgroup for 10 years, noting everything what changed.

20 years of pinball
A similar post as above, but now on how pinball changed between 2000 and 2020.

All tokens for Safe Cracker
Full list and all information about the tokens on Ballys Safe Cracker. Domestic or international, shiny or antiqued, original or reproductions..

safecracker token

Safe Cracker backbox wings NEW
Detailed dimentions of the backbox wings of Ballys Safe Cracker, so you can make your own reproductions.

Bell games / Nuova Bell Games
Some information about these Italian pinball machines.

Gottlieb pinball machines made under license in Spain.

CEA Electronics
A small Italian pinball company.

Marsa Play
A new Spanish pinball company.