Buying pinball repair tools at DealExtreme

I've become a faw of This shop sells a lot of interesting tools, gadgets, parts, .. Most of their products are very cheap and they ship worldwide for free, .. I'm a regular customer myself as most of their parts and tools are of decent quality and usually cost less than half of what I pay at a local electronics store..
I noticed they have a lot of parts and tools available that can be of use when working on pinball machines, especially when soldering, so I've decided to make this list to help you.

Note when you buy parts in Belgium, you have to remember that border control may investigate your package and make you pay vat and possibly a customs fee on it. Normally imports under 22 euro are free of VAT. So if you order a lot of small parts, just split up your parcel (make a new order, shipping is free anyway) so you stay each time under this 22 euro value.

Soldering tools

Other tools


  • 12V LED Strip (30-LED 50cm White)
    This LED strip is very useful when modding pinball machines. Can be connected on top of the backbox to illuminate a topper, or at the back of the playfield to illuminate a backboard decal. Hook it up to the 12v testpoints in the backbox, you don't have to mess with extra resistors.
  • Electrical Wire Testing Hooks (10-Pack)
    These hooks are very useful when testing pcbs (ie when you want to measure the signal on a specific IC pin or take power from a testpoint in a safe way.
  • Alligator Clips - Medium (10-Pair)
    Alligator clips are useful when you're testing something (ie hooking up a modification) and want to make a temporary connection.
  • 12V 54-LED RGB Light Strip (50cm)
    Similar to the white strip above but with colored leds. Haven't used it myself but I imagine you can make some cool modifications with it..
  • DIY leds and tools
    Check this category for all types of leds, lasers, .. that you can add to your pinball machine to make your own modifications.