Dimensions of Bally Williams pinball machines

Here are all dimentions of Bally/Williams pinball machines. These remain the same for all their WPC games, made from 1990 until 1998. Older types (system11) had backbox that was a bit more wide (about a centimeter).
Other brands and types of pinball machines are similar in size. The size of the playfield glass remained the same for many years, most differences are only in total height and width of the backbox.

I hope this helps you to check where you can put a pinball machine in your house, or to check if you can move it in your car.

pinball fits in Ford B-Max car
In a Ford B-Max a Stern pinball machine fits exactly. And I do really mean exactly, it just reaches the ceiling.


pinball machine dimensions

Here are all dimensions of a pinball machine (in centimeter) :
A: 131,5cm. Note this is just the cabinet, the plunger sticks out a bit. 
B: 140cm. The legs are a bit more wider at the bottom (for stability), especially in the back.
C: 60,5 cm is the cabinet height at the back.
D: 25cm is the deepest part of the backbox, at the top.-

With the backbox folded down on the cabinet (and legs removed) the total height of a pinball machine is 75cm. You need this when you want to load it in your car.
Total height, from top of the backbox to the floor is 193 cm. This can change 1 to 2 cm if you change the position of the leg levellers.

pinball machine dimensions

E: cabinet with of a regular size pinball machine is 56cm.
Williams widebody games measure 63cm. That's their only difference, as their backbox has the same size as a regular pin.
F: Height of the cabinet in front is 40cm.
G: Width of the backbox is 73cm. Keep in mind there are metal bolts that stick out a bit on both sides, so total width becomes 74cm. If you want to put many games very close together, keep at least 75cm so they don't scratch each other.
H: Height of the backbox is 73cm.

The next measures are average, they will depend on how you adjusted the game (leg levellers extended or not) and will also change depending on what type of brand the machine is, as cabinet designs changed over the years.
I: The height of the lockdown bar is somewhere around 90-92cm. The flipper buttons are centered around 85-87cm.
This is set up for an average person. If you're very tall, nothing stops you from raising the games at your home so you feel comfortable.
J: On WPC games the top of the backbox reaches around 197cm. Most games will fit a ceiling of 2 meter high.

Dimensions of pinball machine playfield glass

The dimensions of the playfield glass have not changed since the 1960ies and are the same for most manufacturers.
Default playfield glass is 109,3cm on 53,3cm and is just less than half a centimeter thick (3/16inch).
A WPC superbody glass is wider: 60,3cm.

Be careful and do not have window glass cut into these dimensions ! Regular plate glass is not strong enough and can hurt you a lot when it gets damaged.
Real pinball glass is tempered. It's very strong, and when it breaks it shatters in thousands of small pieces so you can not cut yourself on sharp edges.

pinball machine dimensions
Tempered glass is very strong and as you can see, it will hold the weight of an adult !
Only try this when you are absolutely sure the glass in your machine is tempered and in good condition ! Regular plate glass will not hold this weight !