Flipper Service book by Henk De Jager

pinball book

Author: Henk De Jager
Pages: softcover

The picture is of the dutch version of the book that I have, but an english version is also available.

There are not many books about repairing electro-mechanical pinball machines, and this really is the best !
Henk has years of experience repairing them, this book is absolutely fantastic.

It has some general chapters, like how to read schematics and how pinball machines operate in general. The beginning is simple, basic information.
Most valuable is all the game and brand-specific repair information.
Do you have problems with the zipper-flippers on your machine ? Then just read the chapter about zipper-flippers and that will tell you everything. It'll show you the operation, what can go wrong with them and how to repair it. It's explained in detail, but easy enough to understand by everyone.

Every chapter has clear, detailed illustrations so you can see how an assembly fits together.

You really need this book if you want to learn to repair electro-mechanical pinball machines !
The dutch version can be ordered from Henk directly (henkpinball at planet dot nl), while the English version is available from Pinball Resource.