Restoration of a 1964 Gottlieb Majorettes wedgehead pinball machine - cleaning the playfield.

Next step in the restoration of this beautiful wedgehead pinball machine. As the wiring is hacked that much, I have decided not to try and work on it myself. I don't know how to repair electro-mechanical pinball machines, Gottlieb one-player (add-a-ball) are an even more specific type of machines, so trying to repair it myself, reversing all the hacks, learning how everything is supposed to work, this would be a very difficult and time-intensive job.
I have found someone with a lot of experience in repairing e-m pinball machines who will bring the wiring in original (and working) condition for me.

I did decide to clean the playfield as that is something that I do have experience with, and then at least I've done something on this machine..

Gottlieb Majorettes pinball pop bumpers
A detail picture of the parts I have removed. All the metal parts went into my tumbler, so they are clean and shiny again.

black rubber ring on pinball machine
Never use black rubber rings ! Especially not on electro-mechanical games. Here is how the black rubber ring looks like that was installed on this game. It's probably not too old (max 10 years I guess) but it has totally dried out and taken the shape it was in. If you would play the pinball machine with this ring installed, it would be very very very boring, as the rubber ring has no power anymore at all. The pinball could just as well bounce against a piece of wood or metal. Rubber rings are supposed to be soft and elastic, they must push away a pinball that bounces into them. Especially on older electro-mechanical pinball machines without ramps or other toys, almost all of the action on the game is provided by the pinball bouncing off fresh rubber rings. Large part of the skill in playing these games is trying to nudge the game and influence how and where it bounces to. A game with dead rubber is a dead game, a pinball will just roll down towards the bottom of the playfield.
Also have a look at how dirty the playfield is.

Gottlieb Majorettes pinball machine polished playfield
Playfield stripped and first cleaning done. Now it's ready for some polishing and then a lot of layers of wax.

Update: brought the game to Henk de Jager of King Ping Parts for repair of the technical parts, and it's ready.. soon I'll bring this game home and play it !