Sega had an interesting booth..

double D-cup Sega booth babes
..although most men were only interested in the booth babes Sega had hired to pose for pictures. At certain moments there were like 10 to 15 men waiting to have their picture taken with these models, dressed in too small bikini tops.

D-cup Sega booth babes
Sex sells, but one can wonder if a large known company like Sega has to hire booth babes to get attention on their games ? Does Sega really need babes that show cleavage to sell their arcade machines ?

Sega Outrun 2 SP
This row of 4 Outrun 2 SP's really were impressive enough on their own an attracted a lot of attention.

Sega Outrun 2 Special Edition Deluxe
The deluxe sitdown version probably was the best game of the whole show.

Sega Outrun 2 sitdown
Also available as a regular sitdown. New in the SP version are new tracks and more cars.

Initial D 3 arcade machine
Another great racing game is Inital D 3. It was in a cycraft cabinet, which gave players some serious feedback. Excellent game !

Sega Faster than speed arcade machine
Faster Than Speed, also at the Sega booth. Available in sitdown and upright version. Nice racing game too, similar to games the competition has..

Sega Ghost Squad arcade machine
Sega also has some shooting games. Ghost Squad is a great game !
They also had a deer hunting game: 'Extreme hunting', which just was no fun to play so I didn't bother to take a picture of it. Maybe it'll be a success in the USA but probably not in Europe.

Sega Virtua Striker
And finally there were some other games like Virtua Striker 4.

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