Berlin Computer Spiele Museum

In 2023 I was able to do a city trip to Berlin. And what does a nerd like me do when he's abroad ?
I search for pinball machines and arcade games :)
That search brought me to the Computer Spiele Museum.

Their website is at and the address is Karl-Marx Allee 93A, 10243 Berlin.
It's easy to reach via subway line U5, near Weberwiese subway station.

Berlin subway line U5 near Weberwiese subway station
From within the subway station you know you've come to the right place.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
The entrance of the museum. I really didn't know what to expect.
It didn't look something very big.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
But when looking from the side, you see it's part of a very large building.
Could it be larger on the inside than the outside ? :)

The museum is indeed larger than I first expected.
You come in via a small hallway and get to the entrance desk.
On the side (front right window) there's a small souvenir shop.
The exhibition space runs along the whole depth of the building.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
The main part of the museum is filled with custom display cases. They run along most of the length of the museum.
The special display cases give the museum a professional look. Both consoles as playable games are integrated in these displays.
Here's part of the most recent video game consoles.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
The section goes further along the wall and displays home computer systems from the very earlies (in the 1970ies).
Most popular (and some lesser known) machines are on display.
There are boards with more information about every system and QR codes to scan.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
A section with milestone games.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
More games, a comparision of different types, all are playable.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum of the very first games.

Berlin Computer Spiele MuseumAn overview of all different kinds of controllers.
Even that dance mat brings back memories to me :)

Berlin Computer Spiele MuseumWhat really brings back memories to me, and probably to most (older) people that visit,
is this nice display they made of how computer games were experienced
through the 1970ies to 1990ies.
Living room / computer rooms were recreated how they would appear in each of these eras.
Here you see the 1970s and 1980ies style of rooms.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum

I suddenly felt almost 40 years younger, sitting at the Commodore 64, playing games, looking at the books and magazines on the desk.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
Game and Watch and Nintendo.

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
Up to the 1990ies where the Nintendo console ruled.

Atari Pong and Computer Space
By now I hear you thinking. This is a pinball website ! I'm interested in arcade things, pinball machines and arcade games.
I'm tired of home computer things. Show me the good stuff :)
Well here it starts. There are no pinball machines, but the museum also has a collection of real arcade games. In the museum part these original games are on display (not to play): an original green Computer Space and an Atari Pong arcade machine.

real 1980 arcade
In a small corner they recreated the look and feel of a real arcade of the 1980ies.
About a dozen of real arcade machines, all available to play.

Missile Command arcade

Xevious arcade machine

Regal 4 arcade machine

Berlin Computer Spiele Museum
Apart from the arcade, there are a few other games that have arcade machines available to play.

Paperboy arcade machine
Paperboy arcade machine

Sega Rally, Pole Position and Crazy Taxi
Sega Rally, Pole Position and Crazy Taxi

In the museum section there are also some playable arcade machines. This is Polyplay. Made in 1985, the only arcade machine that was created in the DDR (former Eastern Germany).

Angst shocking arcade game
There's also this game - for who dares to play it. More a piece of art than an commercial arcade machine, it's a game that will shock the player (literally) when you loose.