The Dutch Pinball Open / Expo 2017

The Dutch Pinball Organisation celebrated their 25th birthday in 2017. And how better to celebrate than with a pinball party ? Any not just any party - it was the largest pinball party ever held in the Netherlands !

OK, technically it wasn't just a birthday party, but the DPO: the yearly dutch pinball open competition. As it was the 25th birthday, people wanted to do something special. Bigger and better than before. In the first brainstorm sessions the idea of a very large venue was suggested, the Evoluon in Eindhoven. This used to be a museum by Philips, now it's a venue hall. It's designed to look like a flying saucer, but it also resembles a pinball popbumper..
While the idea was first dismissed as being too large and expensive, after a while it was considered to be an option.. especially as the number of available pinball machines began to grow in the months before, first 250, then 350, and the last weeks it became clear that the magic number of 500 machine was within reach.

It also wasn't just a competition, it was set up as a pinball expo. There were seminars, game designer Barry Oursler and artist Kevin O'Conner were invited to talk about their career.

I'm happy to say that the dutch pinball organisation reached their goal. This was the most impressive, spectacular, largest DPO ever held. There were over 500 pinball machines in one location, in a spectacular setting, the largest popbumper building of the world ! The venue consists of 4 floors (rings), and from the top level the view below was amazing: hundreds of pinball machines, all over where you could see.

DPO 2017 entrance
The entrance / registration. This was also the DPO shop.

rolling ball sculpture
A rolling ball sculpture.

Pinball Magazine booth

Pinball Magazine
Pinball Magazine had a booth, selling posters and their books.

Pascal Janin
Pascal Janin's booth selling replacement boards.

Mirco Steffen
Mirco Playfields selling their replacement playfields and a lot of spare parts.

PinSound replacement sound boards. They had 3 pinball machines with their boards installed.

pinball parts for sale
More vendors with parts.

pinball gottlieb backglasses
Belgian Carl Jacobs selling games and backglasses.

Dutch Pinball The Big Lebowski
Dutch Pinball had two The Big Lebowski machines. One of the previous versions made by Ara, and one by their new chinese contractor.

Stern pinball machines
More new Stern pinball machines.

Evoluon pinball machines
The impressive view from the top floor !

pinball machines

pinball machines

pinball machines

pinball competition
The competition area.

pinball competition
More games used for competition.

kid playing pinball
The DPO offered pinball for young and old !

Atari Hercules
There were special and rare pinball machines everywhere, but most were setup together on the top floor, like this Atari Hercules.

Pacman pinball
Pacman converted pinball machine

Star Wars and Medieval Madness
Two homemade pinball machines by a dutch pinball organisation member - a converted Data East Star Wars and Medieval Madness.

The Minions pinball machine
The Minions home made pinball machine, a new from scratch made pinball machine.

Captain Nemo pinball
Captain Nemo pinball machine.