The Addams Family mansion decal installation

A lot of Addams Family pinball machines have wear at the mansion area of the playfield. There are also a lot of inserts that wear on their playfields, as TAF is a very popular game and was played a lot on location. It's also in the center of the playfield, just above the flippers, a part of the area where wear often occurs.
To repair these games and restore the playfield as new, you can buy a new mansion label. New insert labels are also available, installation is similar.

The mansion overlay was made by Tony Cesario.

Installing such a mansion decal is not for the faint of heart. It's not very complicated to do, but you have to be careful and take your time..

The installation process is very well documented. Detailed installation instructions come with the mansion and insert labels.
Therefor I will not go much into detail here, it's just to give you an idea of what is necessary and you can probably decide after seeing these pictures if you want to try it yourself on your machine or not..

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
Partial removal of damaged inserts has already been done.

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
Using an Exacto knife and a ruler you have to cut straight edges, and then with a flat razor blade remove all the artwork on your playfield. The point of no return has been passed now !

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
The new mansion decal, new insert decals and instructions.

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
The mansion decal installed.. Unfortunately it was not perfect aligned so the black lines don't continue exact. The mansion decal seems to miss a little purple at the bottom edge that was on the original playfield.

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
But it looks much better than how the playfield looked before, and someone will have to look very careful to notice a decal has been installed.

TAF mansion decal Addams Family
After installing the decal, a clear patch of mylar was put over it, as it was not certain at that time if the playfield was going to be clearcoated later. It was eventually, but you still see the edges of this clear mylar.

Update after getting feedback from Tony and Michel who installed the mansion decal.
Tonys instructions were not completely followed. The decal was aligned without using windex. This would have made the misalignment of the black lines at the bottom less as it allows to adjust the position at the last moment.
The extra clear mylar on top of the decal is also not necessary. The overlay already has a thin piece of mylar on top installed.
The provided clear patch of mylar should go UNDER the mansion label to raise the level of the overlay to be the same as the playfield. That way no edge or height difference can be seen.

Pictures by Michel Oversteyns.