Custom and home-made pinball machines

Big City Zoo
Review of a hand-made custom electro-mechanical pinball machine by Henk De Jager.

Custom jukebox and bimbo box
Custom made jukebox and bimbo box.

Merlins Magic
Review of a custom, hand-build pinball machine by Henk de Jager.

A transparant Nip-It ?
Bally Nip-It pinball machine with clear plexi playfield..

Interview with Ben Heck
Ben Heck created on a custom pinball machine with Bill Paxton as theme.

Interview with Jeri Ellsworth
Jeri is also working on her own custom pinball machine, 'As seen on TV'.

Build your own virtual pinball machine
How to build your own cabinet with Visual Pinball and Future Pinball software.

Custom Elvis bimbo box
Another custom bimbo box.

Interview with Greg Freres
Greg Freres started Whizbang Pinball together with Dennis Nordman. They now create custom pinball machines. Their first project is Whoa Nellie.

Whoa Nellie preliminary artwork

Galactic Girl custom pinball machine
An electro-mechanical custom pinball machine by Dominique John.

Overview of custom pinball machines
Links to all other custom pinball machines there are.

Calypso custom bingo machine
Henk de Jager created an electro-mechanical bingo machine.

Paco Rabane pinball
A custom pinball machine made for Paco Rabane Invictus perfume.

Modify your pinball machine

For some people having a regular pinball machine is not unique enough. Here are some modifications you can do to make the machine look better.

AFM Cow mods
Cow abduction mod for the Bally Attack From Mars pinball machine.

Cactus Canyon mods
Mods for the Bally and CGC Cactus Canyon pinball machine.

Sega Baywatch mods
Hide the ugly boards on your Baywatch pinball machine.

Safe Cracker mods
Mods for the Bally SafeCracker pinball machine.

Iron Maiden led colored filter mod
Change the color of any white led into any color you want.

Iron Maiden pharaoh eyes mod
DIY mod - easily make a mask out of black paper so the eyes are lit.

Iron Maiden Pharaoh

Iron Maiden Eddie figures
Install the 3D Eddie figures from the premium model in your pro Iron Maiden pinball machine.

Attack from Mars led kit
Add leds to the mini-saucers on your Attack from Mars pinball machine.

Cirqus Voltaire backbox bell
Install a real bell in your Cirqus Voltaire pinball machine.

Cv backbox bell

Lord of the Rings multicolor led mod
How to install a multicolor led near the Palantir ball.

Theatre of Magic light mod
Light up the skillshot ramp on Theatre of Magic.

Shadow Battlefield light mod
Light up the Battlefield mini playfield on Ballys The Shadow.

Indianapolis 500 mod
Light the racetrack on Indy 500.

Revenge From Mars 3rd saucer mod
Add a third saucer to your RFM pinball machine.

Who Dunnit light mod
Light the telephone dial better on Ballys Who Dunnit?.

The Addams Family light mod
Light up the right side of TAFs playfield.

Add lamps to Hurricane bumpers
Most Hurricanes didn't have lamps in their popbumpers installed. Detailed instructions how to add them yourself.

The Shadow and Medieval Madness led mod
Add leds to your The Shadow and Medieval Madness pinball machine.

Add a real knocker to your Cactus Canyon
Cactus Canyon doesn't have a real knocker coil installed. It's not difficult to add it yourself.

Copy 3D objects in resin with a silicone mold
Read how I reproduced 3D plastic parts for my Cactus Canyon pinball machine myself.

Replace your pinled dmd with a plasma dmd
New Stern pinball machines have pinled displays installed. You can retrofit a real plasma display.

Replace a broken dmd with an lcd screen NEW
DMD Extender is a kit that allows you to display the dmd animations on an lcd screen.
Either run is separate from the machine or as a replacement for your dmd. Here it's installed in a Sega Baywatch.

DMD extender with colordmd