Book reviews

There are quite a few books about pinball machines. Especially the last years a few interesting ones have been published. Here's an overview of the books, this can help you decide which one to buy..

Coin-Op Amusement
A small booklet by Bally.

Coin-Op Pinball Machines
A small booklet by Bally.

The Complete Pinball Book
Everything about pinball

Encyclopedia of Pinball
The history of pinball in detail.

Kastenbaas in Mokum
Memoirs of an operator in Amsterdam.

Mad Dog and his art
All about Dave Christensen

Mike Pacak's Flyer book
Flyers, flyers and flyers.
pinball book

No Balls, No Glory
Dutch book for the 20th anniversary of the Dutch Pinball Organisation.

Pinball Art
Everything about the artwork. Very interesting !

The Pinball Compendium
Probably the best set of pinball books ever published.

Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance
All a beginner to pinball machines needs to know.

Pinball Memories
50 games described in detail.

Pinball Service book
Electro-mechanical pinball repair book.

Pinball Snapshots
Again 50 games described in detail.

Pinball: the lure of the silver ball
One of the classic pinball books.

Pinball machines for Italy
All about these special machines, only created for export to Italy.

pinball book

Pinball: wenn die kugel ausflippt
A german book about pinball machines.

Pinbotz Guide to the greatest pinball machines
A collector writes reviews of pinball machines.