Pinball Snapshots: Air Aces to Xenon by Marco Rossignoli.

pinball book

Author: Marco Rossignoli
Year: 2004
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Pinball Snapshots is the third book written by Marco about pinball machines. It's similar to his previous book: Pinball Memories, but better.

The book describes again 50 games in detail.
For each game there's a seperate part: facts, features, trivia, rules, condition and collectibility and pricing.

The quality of the pictures is again very high ! Marco takes a lot of care making the right pictures.. you won't see any unsharp photographs or a white spot because of the reflection of a flash in his books !

If you like Pinball Memories, you certainly are going to like Pinball Snapshots too.

If you don't know what book to get and have to choose between the two, it's a difficult decision. Check the list of reviewed games and make your decision based on that.. one book will probably feature some games you're more interested in than the other. Or just buy both books, you won't be disappointed !

pinball book

pinball book