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Pinball repairs

Have you just bought a pinball machine and already have technical problems, then please try to contact the seller first (especially when it comes from a dealer).
If you have questions or technical problems, then you can email me, but I can't answer everything as my time is limited.

If you want to learn to repair pinball machines yourself: at and you'll find repair information.
If you're working on an electromechanical machine then definitely buy Pinball service boek, this is the definite guide you need.

If you're looking for pinball repair help in Belgium you can register on and ask for help there. I don't do pinball repairs at home.

To buy pinball parts, visit (affiliate link).

Do you have a pinball machine for sale ? There are a few specific models that I am still looking for, but you may always let me know the brand and model, condition and price, and your location. If I'm not interested myself, I maybe know other collectors that do want to buy the pinball machine.
If your broken pinball machine isn't worth it anymore to repair (repair costs can often be much higher than what it's worth), then I may be interested to buy it for parts.

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About teaches you everything you need to know about pinball machines.
Articles on this website are divided in several categories. In the Pinball 101 section you'll find articles explaining all the basic things: what to look for when buying a pinball machine, what to do once you have bought your first pinball machine, how to move it, set it up and maintain it.
Other sections explain repairs, modifications, visits to shows, pinball history, and much more. We wish you a lot of fun with your new pinball machine !

Pinball machines are my hobby for over 20 years now, I am not a company.
The site was started after I bought my first pinball machine, back in the year 2000. I learned a lot about these fascinating machines, and wanted to share all this information. So many years ago there weren't many pinball websites or fora. Even I had to learn how to open the machine and take the glass and backbox off, and could not find any website that explained how to do it.
First I only had some basic information online, like how to open and maintain a pinball machine. Then I started to get a lot of emails with similar questions from other people who wanted to buy their first pinball machine. So each time I emailed someone with some information, I created a page about it.
Later the website even grew more with more technical information, shows visited, and much more..
Note everything here is my own opinion, what I learned, how I see things.. this may vary from your own opinion, there may be better ways to do something, use at your own risk..

The majority of this website was written between 2003 and 2010. Whilst most content it still valid, some things are very outdated or could use a refresh.

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