Pinball machines for sale

Most people that visit this page expect a large list of pinball machines for sale from which they can select..
I'm sorry I have to disappoint you. is a hobby website and not a pinball dealer. I don't have any pinball machines for sale. I collect pinball machines myself.

Pinball parts for sale

Same story for pinball parts. Many years ago I had a list online of my spare parts for sale. At the moment I don't have many parts, and sites like ebay or 2dehands (in Belgium) are more useful to sell parts.

I do have spare parts for my own use (lots of rubbers, lamps, flasher lamps, ..) so if you are in Belgium and need rubber rings you can contact me. Especially if you have an older game and don't find a rubber list. Contact me with the name of the machine and I'll search if I find what sizes rubbers it needs.
You can also download and print this rubber size chart for A4 paper. US Letter format is here. Print the page, take the rubbers off your game and measure them. It's the inside diameter that counts. Let me know how many rubber rings of each size you need.

If you live in The Netherlands or Belgium, then check out (affiliate link).

Buying pinball machines

Are you in Belgium or The Netherlands and do you have a pinball machine for sale ? Please let me know. I don't buy a lot of pinball machines, don't have much room left, but there are some types that are still on my wish list.
I'm interested in everything pinball related : complete machines, but also parts, manuals, ..
Bingo, arcade and other coinop machines are not what I search for but I may know someone who does :)
Let me know what you have, where you live and how much you want for it :)
You can contact me via email or chat via the facebook page.