Pinball parts for sale

Here is an overview of what pinball machine parts I have for sale. As I'm a collector of pinball machines I built up quite a stock of spare parts over the years, which I don't often need.. so I can sell some of these parts if someone needs it. Keep in mind that supply is limited, of most parts only 1 piece is available.

I'm always open for offers, trades, .. so if you have something to trade that could interest me then let me know when you want to buy something from me.

Shipping is additional. You pay the actual rates, see post office website.
Airmail shipping to the USA usually takes about a week (6 to 8 days). I usually go on thursday evening or saturday morning to the post office.

Registered/tracked mail (package gets a barcode) is available and is 4 euro ($5) extra.
I accept Paypal. Everything paid through Paypal MUST be shipped with tracking !
All prices of parts for sale are in Euro - multiply with 1.2 to have an idea of US$ value..

At the moment most of my spare parts are in a large stack of boxes.. everything I have listed here should be still available. If you email me and have questions about a part, want better pictures - anything that needs me to search for the part and get back to you - can take a few days. If you haven't heard from me more than a week then just send me again an email.. I'm usually quite busy in the evening so don't check emails / available parts daily and sometimes forget to answer emails that are a few days old..

Pinball parts for sale

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Pinball slingshot plastics for sale

Pinball coils and solenoids for sale

Pinball flyers and promotional brochures for sale

Pinball manuals for sale

Are you in Belgium / Netherlands and do you have a pinball machine for sale ? Let me know. I don't buy a lot of pinball machines, don't have much room left, but there are some types that are still on my wish list (like a Bally Fireball). If the specific model doesn't interest me, I probably know someone who is interested or can help you how to sell it. I don't have any pinball games for sale myself. I'm a pinball collector, not a pinball dealer.