No Balls, No Glory by Jim Jansen.

pinball book No Balls No Glory

Author: Jim Jansen and Danny Schwarz
Year: 2012
ISBN:978 90 819787 0 5

The Dutch Pinball Organisation ( exists 20 years in 2012 and to celebrate they have published a book: 'No balls, no glory'.
Only available in dutch, but as it became an great looking book of 132 pages with many nice photographs, I hope even non-dutch speaking people will also be interested in it. It only costs 20 euro, which is a bargain for the quality work.

The book consists of different parts. As you'd expect, it begins with the pinball organisation itself, its history and how it evolved in the years. The events they have organised (local and international competitions) and the large pinball collection they've assembled.

The main focus in this book is not the organisation itself but all the people involved. For me, that's what makes the book the most interesting.
Disclaimer: my wife and me are both in it. And I know a lot of the people who are in the book: I've met some personally, some are just names that I heard people talk about, I saw their posts on forums, .. so I may find it more interesting because I can relate more with the interviewed persons.

This is not another boring pinball book, filled with statistics: a list of machines, some nice photographes and numbers like how many machines produced in what year, their game rules, and so on.
Its concept is totally different. It's about the people behind the pinball machines. Everyone involved in the dutch pinball organisation, in the organisation itself, who helped with events, competition players, ..

The number 20 comes back. There are 20 short presentations of people. Also 20 pinball machines are presented, also with someone telling why this is his favorite machine.
All these persons tell their own personal stories. Why they love pinball. How they got into it. What it means to them, how pinball influences their life.

Finally there are some special projects mentioned, like custom pinball machines.

More information at these links:
More pictures here
Order it directly from the publisher.

We were also present at the book presentation on friday October 5 in Amsterdam. A lot of people interviewed where there, and some special projects were presented: a P-Roc controlled Bride of Pinbot with DMD screen by the dutch pinball team, and Jean-Paul De Win who makes the animations for the new Wizard of Oz pinball machine also did a short but interesting presentation about his work.

No Balls No Glory book presentation
The moment everyone was waiting for, the official presentation of the book.

Wizard of Oz Jean Paul de Win

Wizard of Oz Jean Paul de Win