Mad Dog and his art.

pinball book

Author: Dave 'Mad Dog' Christensen, Greg Kmiec, Gene Cunningham and Illinois Pin Ball
Year: 2004
ISBN:none, book is self-published
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This book is published by Illinois Pin Ball. Unfortunately it feels a bit amateuristic. If some extra time and effort would have been spent at the layout, this book could have been so much better !

The layout of the book just isn't solid. Photos sometimes don't look correctly positioned on a page, titles could have used a bigger font.. Some more effort could have been put into making the pictures: see the right page of the next image. The top picture isn't centered and the bottom pictures shows the reflection of the flash. I know these are all small details, but you just don't see these things in 'professional' published pinball books.

Enough negative things said about this book. From now on only positive things, because what the book lacks in the layout department, it makes up in content !

Mad Dog Dave Christensen and Greg Kmiec talk about the games they created. It lists every game Dave worked on. How he thinks about the game, what he did for it, what he liked, background information, ..

The pictures in the book are interesting. Black and white lineart used to create the original backglasses and playfields, details that are enlarged and explained, .. (see bottom picture).

All this information makes this book unique. No other book is just the game artist/designer talking about what they did, how they felt about every game.

I really like this book ! It shows you things you never would see (like the black and white artwork) or would never hear about (Dave's background information).

If you are a pinball fan and interesting in background information about pinball machine, or you have or like Dave's games, you really have to buy this book.

pinball book

pinball book