Use colored filters to change white leds

Iron Maiden is a great looking pinball machine, unfortunately there are quite a lot of white leds used on inserts on the playfield.
There are some 3D mods for sale on pinside, but I want to show you how you can make this yourself. That way you can change any white led in any color you want on any pinball machine..

What you need are cinematic filters. These are plastic colored sheets, especially made to change light into a different color. They are also a bit heat resistant. I have a set of Lee gels, from years ago when I did strobist photography. Here is an Amazon referral link for a full set of Rosco gels. It's best to just order such a color swatchbook, then you have all the existing colors. If you want to change a few leds it's certainly enough. You can experiment with different colors, and you can cut off a small piece to place before the led. If you need to change dozens of leds, you can order a larger color filter sheet in a specific color.

A set of Lee color filters, just cut small strips of the color you want.

Unscrew the led board, place the gel in front, just put the screw in.
The pieces I cut are too big, they can be much smaller as you only need to cover the led itself.

All leds boards installed with gels.

Finished, looking great and easy to do.