Iron Maiden pharaoh eyes mod

This is one of the easiest mods I've done, and I want to document it for you all. There's a flasher behind the pharaoh plastic in the back of the playfield of Iron Maiden. The flasher Stern uses there is too bright. When it lights the whole pharaohs face becomes a bright white spot, impossible to see any details of the artwork anymore.
There are mods for sale to solve this, this consists of two leds that just fit behind the eyes. But why pay to add two leds when there is already a led present ? I first thought of 3D printing a part but once I disassembled the plastic and saw the led, even 3D printing something would be overkill.. just a piece of black paper cut in the correct shape is enough. And if you want to change the color you can always add a small piece of colored gel.

I just scanned the pharaoh plastic, printed this scan, cut out the face part, traced it onto black paper and cut that out. I made small holes for the eyes, but you could make them bigger.

Click here to download the file to use as a template.

Iron Maiden Pharaoh
Cut out paper fixed onto the plastic with some clear tape.

Iron Maiden Pharaoh
Holding the plastic against the light to check the position.

Iron Maiden Pharaoh
Reinstalling the plastic. The bottom right screw was a bit difficult to reach, the others are easy.

Iron Maiden Pharaoh
How it looks installed: only the eyes are brightly lit.
The rest of the face remains visible, it's not a large bright hotspot anymore like before.
I've made the holes of the eyes very small, you can always enlarge them if you want to see more brightness from the led.