Install Eddie figures in Iron Maiden Pro

One difference on Sterns Iron Maiden pinball machine between the pro en premium / limited edition models are that the more expensive models have real Eddie sculptures, while the pro model only has flat plastics. Luckily it's quite easy to order and install the figurines and make your pro edition look better.

The parts can be ordered from Stern parts distributors. In the manual of the premium edition you find the parts numbers required:
Cyborg Eddie, part #550-7421-00
Piece of Mind Eddie, part #550-7422-00
Bracket for sculpt mount, part #535-1854-00
Screw 6x1/2 PTH A, part #237-5809-00 (x2)
Screw 6-32x3/8 PPH MS SEMS (x2)
If you have a lot of screws you only need to order the first three pieces.
Another option is to buy sculptures from Neca as they also have an Iron Maiden collection.

Iron Maiden Eddie
Eddie figures and bracket ordered.

Iron Maiden Eddie
Unscrew the flat cyborg eddie plastic, keep the screws.

Iron Maiden Eddie
Install the sculpture on the metal bracket, re-install this part using the screws.

Iron Maiden Eddie
On the premium model the Piece of Mind Eddie is mounted on a plastic left of the ramp. I prefer to mount this in another position, over the popbumper so it's in front of the left ramp and you need to shoot underneath him.
The left flat plastic is mounted on a metal bracket on a popbumper cap. You can keep the bracket (like I did), drill the rivets to remove it, or order a new popbumper cap. I used double sided tape underneath the feet to secure the figure. Its left knee leans against the metal ramp for extra support. I've heard some people use some hot glue (which can also be removed easily when needed).