Metal Typer

My wife came home one evening from visiting an operator we know, and had bought this vintage machine..

metal typer machine

It's a metal typer.. this can be used to make souvenir tokens, you can select up to 32 characters to be printed on a light metal token.

Unfortunately the machine we have is too rusted. I tried to take it apart and clean it, but some parts were just too much damaged or rusted.. so unfortunately this machine will never work again :-(

We did repaint the machine..

metal typer machine

The tokens shown on the machine for display say: 'LUNA PARK DE KNOCKE SUR MER'. Knokke is a town at the belgian coast, so this machine probably has spent a lot of years (from the 60ies up to.. ???) at an seaside arcade. It's always nice to have a machine with some history..
In the USA this type of machine was also often found at penny-arcades and at seaside boardwalk arcades.

A company still exists which sells metal typers and tokens,