How to set up a new in box Spooky pinball machine

As more and more pinball machines are bought by new owners, I'll explain here all the steps to set up your new Spooky pinball.

As there are a lot of pictures, this is split up over several pages.
This is page 1, receiving the shipment.
Page 2, setting up is here.

Receiving the box

Pinball machines are either shipped from the manufacturer directly, or by a distributor. Most Spooky games are sold directly and shipped by them.
As I'm in Europe, I didn't order directly. I had ordered with a distributor. He first arranged transport of a lot of games in a container, and then this game was further shipped to me. Usually it doesn't matter much how you order, except when damage happens. Then you need to contact who did the shipment to you.

Shipping damage, that's where this first part is about. Let's hope you'll never have to deal with it, but it occasionally happens. It's important to know what to do.
You should inspect the box (and machine) very well when it arrives. If some damage has happened, then either refuse shipment or at least mark it on the shipping papers. Should you have signed off the shipment and later discover damage, it may be difficult (or impossible) to get the insurance to pay for it. Any compensation will then depend on the goodwill of your distributor and the manufacturer. If you inspect the game well and give your remarks, your dealer or Spooky will deal with the insurance company.

NIB spooky pinball
Look, a new in box Spooky game ! This is how it's being delivered, well protected in a cardboard box, on top of a small wooden pallet.
First thing to do is inspect the box. On my machine you'll notice at the bottom of the side there's a small hole. Check all other sides too for visual damage. If you really don't want to open the box at this time and keep the game NIB, at least note holes like this on the shipping papers, and feel inside if you think there's damage. If you think there is and should refuse shipment, you can cut a larger hole in the box so you get a better look inside.
Ideally you'll open the box as long as the shipper is still present. Luckily Spooky uses boxes that are really easy to open, it won't take long.
Just cut the two white straps, and the top of the box is a seperate lid that will come off.

NIB spooky pinball
There's one side where the box will open. Just open it and remove the cardboard.

NIB spooky pinball
Now you can inspect the whole game. Check the hinges that hold the backbox to the cabinet, if the box was dropped hard you may have damage there. Let's hope the backglass or playfield glass didn't break, you should notice this too (sound of broken glass while handling the box, pieces laying around)
Ideally you get to this part while the shipper is still waiting. If the box looked good, there is no visual damage, you can sign off the shipment.
If there is some damage, it's up to you to decide what to do. Try to contact your dealer and ask what they wand you to do. If the damage looks substantial, refuse the shipment. The shipping company will return it back. If the damage is minor, accept the shipment but mark all damage on the shipping papers. Whatever option you take - make a lot of pictures.
At this point you can put the box back around the game in case you want to store it.

NIB spooky pinball
Whatever you do, do not cut the shrink wrap at this point. You've been warned..

Unpacking the game

NIB spooky pinball
Congratulations, you've decided to unpack the game and set it up.
Move it to a place where you have enough space. Remove the box and cardboard protection on top of the machine. Then cut the two black straps that secure the machine onto the pallet.

NIB spooky pinball
I really like that Spooky ships their games on a pallet. It sits higher from the floor and I can lower it onto my cart without any problem. Other manufacturers don't do this, tilting the game from the floor onto the lifting cart is a bit more difficult as the cart may tilt over and the machine may slide around, if you don't get it on its balance point.
If you have no experience setting up pinball games, or if you're not too strong, I advise you to do this step with 2 people. A pinball machine is heavy. It takes a bit of getting used to to handling it. With two people, one on each side of the machine, it's much safer.

If you do not have a pinball cart : keep the game upright and put on the front legs. Then careful lower it on these legs. Then (and you really should be with 2 people for this !) lift the back, high enough so you can put a chair or something similar underneath it. While the backside is supported in the air, you can put on the back legs.

NIB spooky pinball
Time to check what's in the small box. The legs, leg levelers, pinballs and much more !

NIB spooky pinball
Time to put the leg levellers in the legs. Here are some tips:
Spray some silicone oil in the screw holes first. That way they don't get stuck too soon.
Don't put the front leg levellers all the way in. Keep them a bit out, as you probably need to adjust them. It's easier to have enough room to adjust one a bit more in, than to having to adjust all three others..
Note the back legs are out too far to put the machine to 6.5 degrees. They should be a third less out.

NIB spooky pinball
Now carefully cut back the plastic wrap so the corners are free.
Spooky uses metal plates where you mount the legs on. That way the legs will not touch or damage the cabinet itself.

NIB spooky pinball
This is a tip that's not really needed anymore as Spooky has these metal spacers to keep the legs away from the cabinet.
Normally you want to put upwards pressure onto the legs while you secure them. If you don't, once the game sits on the floor, because of the weight from the game it will sink a bit and the top of the legs will be pushed into the cabinet and damage the artwork.

NIB spooky pinball
Plug in the power cable in the back of the cabinet.

NIB spooky pinball
Now put the game in or near its final position, and you can remove the protective wrapping.
Keep some of it nearby, you can use it later to safely put the backglass on.

NIB spooky pinball
Remove both layers of wrapping and you can admire that beautiful cabinet artwork ! In my opinion ACNC has one the most beautiful cabinets I've ever seen on a pinball machine !

NIB spooky pinball
Then carefully raise the backbox - make sure the cables don't get stuck between the backbox and cabinet, and secure the head in the back.

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