Bally Safe Cracker wings

As you can already read on my Safecracker game review, Bally's Safe Cracker is a very special pinball machine. It is smaller than a normal pinball machine, but on the backbox the game has 'wings'. On each side of the backbox there's a panel that represents a vault door.

The panels are fixed to the backbox and do not move. Because people talk about the 'wings' of the Safecracker game, a lot of people think that they move and you can close them.

On many Safecracker pinball machines the wings are missing, as operators who originally bought the machine did not install them and they got lost. MrPinball Australia reproduced the decals a long time ago, which made it possible to create your own wings. Below you find the necessary dimentions to make your repro as close as possible to the originals.

safecracker wings
Front view of a panel.

safecracker wings
Width is 25.3cm. Note the rounded corners.

safecracker wings
Full height is 67cm.

safecracker wings
Thickness of the wood is 2cm.
The t-molding is the same as used on the backbox and also on more recent Stern pinball machines.

safecracker wings
Full length of the metal brace is almost 61cm.
For the distance of the holes: check the backbox of your machine.

safecracker wings
Width (of each side) is 5cm.

safecracker wings
Here you see the angle of the metal brace.
The angle itself is 120 degrees. It's 2.4mm thick.

Summary of measurements:
Wood: 67 x 25.3 x 2cm.
Metal bracket: 61cm x 10cm x 2.4mm, in the middle folded at an angle of 120 degrees.