Williams Pin*Bot

Williams Pinbot

This game is one of the more popular games Williams made in the 80ies. It was even so popular even they later made a Bride of Pinbot game, and Jackbot (which is the son of the bride and pinbot). Jackpot has an almost identical playfield layout, but has a dot matrix display and much more game rules.


The game has quite a lot to offer, especially if you compare the playfield to any other game which was made earlier in the 80ies.
There's a skill shot ramp, clear mini-playfield, and another ramp of which the entrance raises. A lot of targets, most important are two rows of targets which light a grid of colored lamps on the playfield. The top row lowers into the playfield and Pinbots visor opens so you can lock two balls and start multiball. And it has a space theme, the goal is to visit all planets around the sun.

So it's easy to see why the game was popular. A lot to do, nice ramps, new features. And to complete the grid you had to aim well so it pleased skilled players too.

However I don't find the game much fun. It's not a bad game, but does not hold my attention for long, as I'm used to WPC games. In my opinion The Machine: Bride of Pinbot is the best of the three.

My game

Had it, played it a while and traded it for another game. Don't really miss it. It's not a bad game but not a keeper for me.

Things to look for when buying

Visor and drop target bank must move up and down.

Red skill shot ramp usually is broken.


First game in the Pinbot trilogy.

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