Zaccaria Earth Wind Fire

zaccaria Earth Wind Fire backglass pinball machine
zaccaria Earth Wind Fire playfield

This is my review about the pinball machine Earth Wind Fire from the Italian brand Zaccaria.

The layout and game rules are pretty simple, but it's still a fun machine to play, especially with friends. The main goals is to get the highest score as possible. The layout consist of 4 bumpers, 1 kickhole, 3 rollover targets, 4 droptargets, a normal static bonus target, and 10 static targets which will activate a bonus score for the kickhole. The machine is just plain simple, when you've managed it to hit every one of the 10 static targets, you will get a bonus, after 5 times a special bonus. When the lamps in the upper are all off, you get rewarded with a shoot again. The same happens when you get all the drop targets down, but the shoot again now counts on one of the 2 side drains, which will change when you hit a slingshot.

When all the 3 rollover targets are hit, you will get the round bonus 2 times, do it again and it changes to 3 times, and so on, until you reached 5x. Then there's still a special static target, the green one on the right side. The first time you would hit it, it will give you a bonus of 3000 point, the second time it will give you a bonus of 5000, and will keep this doing until the next round.

A cool thing is that the machine will give you an extra bonusround. The time you will need for this round you earn in the "last round". For each target you get one second extra, and it will start with 10 seconds. So you can always play 10 extra seconds when you meant to be out of play.

Well that's pretty much it, What I like the most of this machine is the artwork, it's kinda unique.

Written by Jimmy de Jonge, The Netherlands