Pixel Computer games museum in Brussels

The Pixel video games museum is located at the nice Tour & Taxis site. This is a very large warehouse location which is totally renovated and turned into event venues and more.
The entrance to the museum is on the side of one of the smaller buildings and leads you down into the basement.
Their website is pixel-museum.brussels

I didn't make pictures of the whole collection or an overview of everything, only of some things that interested me most and are related to pinball.
The museum has a very large collection of consoles and home computers. Of all collections and video games museums I've visited, this one impressed me most with the largest collection of hardware systems. They have all the popular but also many home machines I had never heard about - and I do know a bit about retro computing.
The majority of the collection are items on display, some consoles are available to play.

Bally Home Arcade 1977
Bally Professional Arcade from 1977. Bally didn't only make commercial games but also a video game system for home use.

Bally pinball video game
More Bally videocade - they had a digital pinball machine game.

Atari Video Pinball
Atari also made a Video Pinball console. Seems all major arcade manufacturers kept a link to pinball in their home games.

Nintendo Game and Watch collection
A whole collection of Nintendo Game and Watch games and other small handheld console games.

Commodore 64 collection
The Commodore 64 and variants..

Commodore Amiga
More popular homecomputers (Amiga, Atari ST) and lesser known home computers.

Lego train

Road Blasters arcade
Road Blasters arcade game. I remember putting a lot of my money into this when I was young :)

Gottlieb Q-Bert pinball machines
I even found a few pinball machines at the video game museum. Unfortunately not available to play, only for decoration to show the link between video games and pinball. A Gottlieb Q*Bert and Bally Ms. Pacman pinball machine.