Collector Fantasies Show Mechelen 2004

Here's a small overview of the Collector Fantasies show in Mechelen of 2004. Pictures by Michel Oversteyns.

pinball parts
Pinball parts for sale, new pinleds.

Mac Attack italian pinball machine
Zaccharia Mac Attack pinball machine.

Judge dredd, Flintstones, Twilight Zone, BS Dracula
More pinball machines: Judge dredd, Flintstones, Twilight Zone and Bram Stokers Dracula.

Overview of the hall.

bimbo box
Bimbo box. Insert coin and the monkeys will dance to the music.

gumball machines neons
Gumball machines and neons

Ami A jukebox
A lot of different jukeboxes, Rock-Ola on the left, Ami on the right (see the Ami A ?) and a Shangri-la pinball machine in the center.

games world trading cardsTrading cards games

Stern Lord of the Rings pinball machineStern Lord of the Rings pinball machine

Double Bonus, Bally 4 Million BC, Bally Nip-It
Electro-mechanical pinball machines: Bally 4 Million BC, Bally Nip-It, Williams Dealers Choice.

Elvis Wurlitzer
Limited edition Elvis Wurlitzer CD jukebox.

foosball tables

toys and collectibles

flippers for sale
Pinball machines for sale: Star Wars ep 1, Revenge from Mars, Demonition Man, Fish Tales, NBA Fastbreak, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Data East Tommy.

Wurlitzer jukeboxes
Even more Wurlitzer jukeboxes for sale.