Collector Fantasies Show Mechelen 2005

Here are some pictures from the 2005 edition of this pinball and jukebox show.

Stern Sopranos and Elvis
Sterns two latest pinball games, Elvis and The Sopranos. Sopranos was a production model, which had some small changes compared to the game we saw at ATEI earlier this year, which made it better. Some changes were in the playfield art which made it look less cluttered. The up-post between the flippers unfortunately disappeared.

Stern Sopranos and Elvis
Stern Sopranos and Elvis pinbal machines

restored bingo machines miss america
Restored bingo machines: Bally Miss America, Bally Galaxy and Mystic Gate.

Ami J jukebox
Ami J Jukebox with roller selection.

Tom of Pinball
Tom of Pinball Pro.

restored Harley Davidson Fatboy
Harley Davidson motorcycle for sale.


Big City Zoo
Big City Zoo. Read everything about this custom made pinball machine here.

row Wurlitzer jukeboxes one more time
New One More Time Wurlitzer CD Jukeboxes.

Wurlitzer Casino jukebox
Wurlitzer Casino jukebox

electro-mechanical Prospector pinball machines
Prospector pinball machine with Laurel and Hardy.

setting up pinball machines

DeLorean Back to the Future car
Data East Back to the Future pinball machine and the DeLorean car.

Gottlieb Arena  and Gladiators pinball
Gottlieb Gladiators, Gottlieb Arena and Williams Black Pyramid pinball machines.

CoinOp Collector
Making new members for The Coin-Op Collector magazine.

Looking for a 'pool-table' ?

pinball machines for sale

pinball repair, always helping with repairs..

pinball parts
Pinball parts booth.

Pictures by Michel Oversteyns and Michel Smets.