Collector Fantasies Show Mechelen 2006

It's time again for the Collector Fantasies show in Mechelen. The 2006 edition was earlier on the year then previous years, now it was in the weekend of 11 and 12 February (usually it's at the end of March or even in April)

But the rest of the show wasn't changed a lot. It looked like there were more exhibitors, and some more pinball machines were for sale. Not a lot more, but some people who're not pinball dealers had brought a few machines to sell too.

New Stern pinball machines

Main attraction of the show were the new Stern pinball machines. Between two Grand Prix machines (that not a lot of people had played) was a brand new prototype World Poker Tour pinball game. It was flown in especially for the show and only arrived on Friday..
The game was popular, it was being played all day long and usually some people were gathering around it waiting to play (I even didn't have the opportunity to play it unfortunately, so no game review yet..

Stern World Poker Tour pinball machine
Stern World Poker Tour pinball machine.

Stern World Poker Tour playfield
and the playfied of World Poker Tour.

Jukeboxes and more..

Coca-cola collectibles
Coca-cola collectibles

old radios, arcade, bikes

pinball: Kiss T2 Dolly Parton Hardbody Special Forces
this vendor had some pinball machines for sale too:
a repainted Dolly Parton, Hardbody, Special Forces, Terminator 2 and Bally Kiss.

Kiss pinball playfield
A Kiss pinball machine with playfield without any wear ? You don't see these often for sale, so for 875 euro it was quite reasonable. Unfortunately it had the backlass with rounded SS.

Porsche Pinball
2 Porsche pinball machines ?! Data East Checkpoint and the custom Boxter pinball machine by Mushroom Amusements.

pinball backglasses
As usual also a lot of backglasses for sale.

Mousin Around
A Mousin Around and Mars God of War. In the back there's a Nip-It and they also had a Black Hole and a Six Million Dollar Man.

More pinball machines for sale: Flintstones, The Addams Family, Baywatch, The Simpsons Pinball Party and Elvira and the Party Monsters.

jukes and bingos
Jukeboxes, slots and bingo machines.

A No Fear, Dr Who and No Good Gofers.. in the back some original Breakout arcade cabinets too.

pinball project machines
Some project machines: Recel Underwater, Vector, Mata Hari, ..

Data East Tommy pinball

More Coca-Cola collectibles and vending machines.

Williams Jackpot pinball and WCS
A Williams Jackpot and Bally World Cup Soccer.

Piaggio Vespa and old movie posters
Movie posters and an old Vespa.

pinball parts dealer
A new pinball parts dealer in Belgium, distributor of Suzo.. they had cheap parts and some pinball machines for sale (Demolition Man and NBA Fastbreak).

This is only a selection of what was available. There were many more project machines for sale, like an Arena, Bad Girls, Hook, Getaway, a very nice Fireball 2 and Dealers Choice, and much more. Apart from pinball machines there were a lot of other collectibles, toys, and so on.. see my reviews of the previous years as a lot of people come back every year.