Collector Fantasies Show Mechelen 2010

Collector Fantasies, the biggest jukebox and collectibles show of Belgium was held on February 13 and 14, 2010. It was an interesting show, with a lot of booths. I got the impression there was more for sale (more booths) than the previous years. Not sure about the number of visitors, about the same as before I think.. but the fact that it was Valentines day and there was a lot of snow, probably kept some people home.

The show has a nice mix of jukeboxes and vintage machines (slotmachines, skillmachines, ..), pinball machines, arcade games, and other collectibles like Coca-Cola, movie posters, and other vintage memoriabilia. There really is something interesting for everyone.

pre-flipper pingame
Arc en Ciel pre-flipper game.

records for sale
Many 45rpm records for sale.

vintage Jennings Governor slotmachine
A nice restored Jennings Governor slotmachine.

metal signs for sale


pachinko machines

Mia's fifties
As always Mia's Fifties was at the show, selling nice diner tables.

collectables, traffic signs

movie posters
An original Tommy movie poster, and many more vintage movie posters..


fifties trading

Elvis Matters fanclub
Elvis Matters fanclub

jukebox parts for sale

coca-cola collectables

Marilyn Monroe standup and photos

Wurlitzer and Ami jukebox, indian and cowboy slotmachines
Very nice, valueable, restored collectibles: an Ami and Wurlitzer jukebox, and an indian and cowboy slotmachine.

flipper pingame
Vintage gambling machine. Although it says 'Flipper', there are no flippers or any other active components. Drop a coin at the top, it bounces towards the bottom on the metal pins and depending on the location where it lands some prize was paid out..

restored Mills slotmachines

Rock-Ola jukebox and neons


vintage radio with vacuum tubes

modern Splin bingo machines

Coopers arcade and dice machines

pachino machines

Tommy, Game Show and Playboy 35th pinball machine

Street Fighter 2, NBA Fastbreak and Frankenstein pinball machines

NOS Funhouse translite and pingame
Vintage pre-flipper game, and something you don't see often: NOS translites of Funhouse, The Getaway, Millionaire and Playboy 35th.

model guitars
Small model guitars. There were also small drums.

arcade games

Lost World pinball machine

Bally Fireball, whirlwind, Apollo 13, Spiderman, Indiana Jones and NBA pinball machines
As usual the Belgian pinball championship was held at this show. These are the games people had to qualify on: Fireball, whirlwind, Apollo 13, Spiderman, Indiana Jones and NBA pinball machines.
Download the results of the championship at Everts site.
Lieven Engelbeen became the new Belgian Pinball Champion !

Medieval Madness pinball decals had a booth selling parts. Their own printed repro TAF and Medieval Madness cabinet decals, repro display boards and led kits by

titanium flipper bats
For the gentleman that has everything (and a Bally Playboy pinball machine): titanium flipperbats, shooter rod and flipper buttons with Playboy logo engraved.

Addys Sixties
Addys was also present with collectibles and jukeboxes.



Harley-Davidson ad jukeboxes


Stern pinball machines
An overview of Stern pinball machines at the Game Castle booth.