European Pinball Championship 2015

First weekend of October the European Pinball Championship was held in Belgium.

On Friday there was a diner with Gary Stern, Lyman Sheats and Greg Freres.

Both Greg and Lyman spoke about their history working in the pinball business.

The organisers had packed the place with pinball machine. What wasn't used for the competition was set on free play.

Really not a corner of the large venue was left unused.

Heighway Pinball had also brought two of their new Full Throttle pinball machines.

There were some sub-tournaments, like this The Winner Takes it All.

Part of this was the latest Stern Games of Thrones. This prototype was sent especially by airmail. Gary Stern had updated the game rules on friday evening and had even brought two additional pinballs, as it just became not a 4 but 6-ball game.

Playing the new Games of Thrones Pro prototype with Gary Stern watching is quite an experience..

There was also a Classic tournament.

Final being played of the classics tournament.

The rest of the machines was reserved for the main tournament.

4 pins were set aside for the childrens tournament.

The final was shown on a screen and live streamed.

Winner takes it all.

Classic tournament.

Winners of the main tournament: Jorian Engelbrekson was first and won a new in box Stern Iron Man Vault Edition. Lyman Sheats was second and Paul Jongma third.

The organisers together with Gary Stern and Greg Freres.