Golden Years show in Wieze, 2011 edition

After not having visited this Golden Years show the previous years, we finally decided to go to this years edition on March 26-27. The show is held at the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. As it'll be the only show held in Belgium this year, we just had to be there..
Here's an overview of what was available at the show. Not a lot of pinball machines, but many interesting collectibles.

There really were a lot of different things for sale. Neons and jukeboxen. Some pinball machines. Many records to fill your jukebox. Advertising signs and statues. Coca-Cola collectibles. New and vintage toys. Just too much.. we even found some interesting things to expand our Expo 1958 collection so we went home happy.

Oktoberhallen Wieze

Rock and Roll party dresses

Diner booth, jukeboxes, neon signs

Open jukeboxes

neons and open jukeboxes

electric gitar famous

Martini Swan, Cinzano Zebra, Cafe Chat Noir statues
Some rare collectible advertising statues: a white Martini swan, the black cat of Cafe Chat Noir and a Cinzano zebra.

red Ami Continental jukebox

Rastermania jamma Eurogame cabinet, Fish Tales pinball machine
Peter of Rastermania not only brought arcade joystick parts, jamma and neo-geo cassettes but also a complete Eurogame jamma videocabinet and a Fish Tales pinball machine.

Autopede tank

Overview Oktoberhallen
An overview of the large show.

Overview Oktoberhallen Golden Years

vintage jukeboxes

Diner booth, Vespa


Stern The Rolling Stones pinball machines
The most recent Stern pinball machine: The Rolling Stones, was also available.

closed seventies black and white jukebox

Colanuts coca-cola collectibles

Die-cast metal cars

metal advertising plates

enamel advertising signs

vintage slotmachines and one armed bandits

neons and jukeboxes

vintage bakelite radios

black oldtimer car

If you were thirsty you could get enough sorts of drinks at the bar..

hot dogs
and when you were hungry you could get enough hotdogs and more. there was even someone famous working here: Dorien of De Tienermoeders.


next year golden years show
Mark next years date in your calendar: March 31st and April 1.