The Rock around the Jukebox show 2005

The Rock Around the Jukebox Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2005 edition was held on the weekend of 8 and 9 October.

Exhibitors were very similar to those of last year. We go to this show now for 4 years in a row, and little changes occur. There's plenty to see, all kinds of things, but once you've bought everything you need so this year we just walked through the isles and hardly bought anything..
So also take a look at our pictures of last year.
We seem not to be the only people thinking like this, because the number of visitors seems to drop. Last year already someone complained that around 12 on Saturday there was less visitors than last year, because normally by then it's really packed (and it was one long trail of people almost pushing each other continuously to go further in the past) and last year it was less. And this year.. well.. during the day there was plenty of people coming in. But the most remarkable drop could be seen at the beginning of the show. Normally before the doors open, there's already a long line of people in line, and the parking is half full.. we're normally parked in the 7th or 8th row.. this year however, same time.. no lines waiting, and our car was parked in the 2nd row already ! Which indicates there were about 3 times less people than last year at 10am ?

Anyway, the show still is one of the biggest in Europe. It was nice to meet a lot of people we know. Nice to see so many different kinds of machines.

overview show
Main hall

overview show

twilight zone and flintstones
Twilight Zone and Flintstones pinball machines.

Star Dust and Fan-tas-tic pinball machines.

fireball 2, Indiana Jones, popeye, wizard
Pinballs for sale: Fireball 2, Indiana Jones, Popeye, Wizard.

carnival woodrail
A very nice restored Carnival woodrail pinball machine.

palm springs bingo machine
Palm Springs bingo machine and Carnival woodrail

pinled and pins

centaur, star pool, monte carlo
Bally Monte Carlo, Star Pool and Centaur pinballs

wizard, fireball, 4 million bc
More collectable pinball machines: Wizard, Fireball and Four Million BC.

kiss, old chicago, spares and strikes
Bally Kiss, Old Chicago and Spares and Strikes pinball machines.

flipper clown and masquarade
2 nice pinball machines with backglass animations: Flipper Clown and Masquarade.

flipper clown playfield

Henk De Jager, Henk Schippers
Henk De Jager. He's well known for his book about electro-mechanical pinball reparations.
Also take a look at the custom pinball machine Henk has made.

action pinball
This year he didn't have a custom pinball machine but only something small to draw attention.
Some pop bumpers and slingshot kickers wired up. Action guaranteed !

Bally fireball pinball machine
Henk also had a nice Bally Fireball for sale. USA version, fully working and shopped, 850 euros.. that's a very reasonable price !

Bally Fireball playfield
Bally Fireball playfield.

new frontier gun game
Some gun and other skill games.

charlie chaplin coin op
Charlie Chaplin in 'The conterfeit dentist'.

restored antique slot machines
Restored slot machines.

top hit baseball game
Top Hit pitch and bat game.

antique flipperless pinball
Pre-flipper game Prospector.

tura derby antique coin op
Tura Derby vintage coin op game.

skill coin op strength tester
Strength tester.

gold Tonomat Telematic 200 jukebox
Tonomat Telematic 200 jukebox

jukes and petrol pump
Two nice Seeburg jukeboxes.

motorcycles and enamel

jukes and diners

transparant neon jukebox

jukes and neons

coca cola vending machines vendo
Coca Cola Vendo

Jukeboxes for sale.

jukebox car
Now that's a car in which you can move something.. nice numberplate.

pinball machine in Smart roadster
And this is a car in which you can't.. if you drive a Smart Roadster then you really have to think before you buy.