The Rock around the Jukebox show 2005 Open air

The Rock Around the Jukebox Open Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2005 edition was held on Sunday May 15th.

As it's held in open air, the weather is very important.. and this year it wasn't good !
We were there in the morning, whilst it was raining a lot. Only around 12 the rain stopped and from 2pm the sun was shining..

What amazed me most was that some sellers didn't cover their jukes.. even some machines priced at 3000 euros and more were sitting in the rain, soaking wet !

There weren't a lot of pinball machines for sale, less than the last year. Depending on what you were looking for, there were some deals to be found. Electro-mechanical pins were cheap (starting around 150 euro) and there were also some recent models like No Fear, STTNG, Diner, ..

wet jukeboxes
Jukeboxes in the rain.

Seeburg 222 stereophonic jukebox
Seeburg 222 Stereophonic jukebox

jukes on trucks

Rock-Ola jukeboxes
Rock-Ola jukeboxes

Seeburg VL200 jukeboxes
Seeburg VL200 jukebox



gumball machines
Gumball machines and enamel plates for sale.

chocolate vending machineGerman Kobolt chocolate vending machine and german Rotamint game.

extra large coca-cola bottle

ciske vreuls, pinball parts and playfields
Pinball playfields for sale.

ciske vreuls, e-m pinball machines
Electro-mechanical pinball machines for sale.

antique coin op skill machines
Antique skill games

antique coin op skill machines

CFTBL, coca cola vendoBaly Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine and Coca Cola Vendo.

pinball machines

rock ola hit tunes

wallboxes and slot machines
Wallboxes and vintage slot machines.

metro pinball and circus slot machine
Williams Metro pinball machine and Bally Circus slot machine.


yellow truck

white corvette

jukeboxesSeeburg VL200, Wurlitzer 2104 jukebox

starship troopers, scared stiff and no fear pinball machines
Starship Troopers, Scared Stiff and No Fear pinball machines.

Wurlitzer 2300jukeboxesWurlitzer 2300 jukes

Wurlitzer jukeboxes
Wurlitzer jukeboxes.

Rock-Ola jukeboxesRock-Ola juke

Gottlieb Miss Annabelle woodrailGottlieb Miss Annabelle woodrail pinball machine

wallboxes and slotmachines for sale
Wallboxes and slotmachines for sale.

pinball machines for sale
Jukeboxes and pinball machines for sale.