The Rock around the Jukebox show 2007 Open air

The Rock Around the Jukebox Open Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2007 edition was held on Sunday April 29.

valuable Wurlitzer type 61 jukebox
Wurlitzer type 61 jukebox of 1939.

enamel plates

pitch and bat playfield
Pitch and bat game playfield - only 20 euro.

top hit pitch and bat
A Top Hit pitch and bat machine.

Two pinball machines with backbox animations.

Broncho pinball
Broncho pre-flipper pinball machine. It was in very good condition.

Shooting Gallery
This Shooting Gallery arcade machine is something you don't see very often in Europe. It shoots plastic pellets.

Bally Jumbo Jackpot
Bally Jumbo, a slotmachine without reels.

pinball machine

restored jukeboxes
Restored jukeboxes for sale: Wurlitzer and Seeburg.

Wurlitzer 950 jukebox
A nice Wurlitzer 950 jukebox

Bally Kiss pinball machines
This vendor had a lot of classic pinball machines: Bally Fathom, 2x Kiss, 2x Rolling Stones, Data East Simpsons, ..

Sega slot machine
Sega slot machine.

vintage pinball machine

Telfa jukebox
Telfa jukebox, made in Belgium.

Pink Cadillac

harley davidson

trashed jukebox

Wurlitzer jukebox and pinball machines
Wurlitzer jukebox and pinball machines: Gottlieb Gold Wings, Gottlieb Victory, Williams Strato-Flite, Star Wars ep1.

Seeburg gas tank jukebox speaker

Gottlieb Roto Pool
Gottlieb Roto Pool pinball machine

Rondeevoo woodrail pinball
Rondeevoo woodrail pinball machine.

Shuffle bowler
Shuffle bowler.

jukeboxes for sale

jukebox for sale

seeburg 222 jukebox
Seeburg 222 jukebox

Ami I bumper jukebox

Seeburg jukeboxes

table game

collection of slot machines

child game

old toys, Esso pump glass topper

Stern Monopoly, Williams Junk Yard, arcade games and jukeboxes
Stern Monopoly, Williams Junk Yard, arcade games and jukeboxes.

e-m pinball machines
Whoopie, Red Show pinball machine

Red Show pinball

Wurlitzer Atlanta 2 jukebox
Wurlitzer Atlanta 2 jukebox

Ami A jukebox
Ami A jukebox

Lucky 7 and Hot Tip pinball machinesWilliams Lucky 7 and Hot Tip pinball machines



hot rod with flames on hood

hot rod oldtimer



Evert Brochez on Star Wars Ep1

big tent gambling

jukebox and diners, old bumper car

As I forgot my camera, only the first 6 pictures are made by me using my mobile phone. All other pictures are made by Kris van Clapdorp.