The Rock around the Jukebox show 2009

Ok what can we say that's not been said already about this show ? Not much.. we've posted already a few reviews of this show of the previous years. Its setup doesn't change much. So here are a lot of pictures so you can see what was available this year.

jukeboxes for sale

restored gas pomps

Pauls fifties with Kenworth truck
Paul's fifties had an impressive booth with their large Kenworth truck.

rock-ola jukeboxes





vintage slot machine in wood cabinet
A vintage slot machine. Play quarters !

Sassy Sally
Sassy Sally mutoscope.

fresh candy vending machine

Fresh candy.. maybe not so fresh anymore as it's at least 50 years old..

star chief slotmachines

coca cola vendo

coca cola collectables

slot machines

Bell-O-Matic slot machines

film star skillgames and slot machines

jukebox, friday movie poster

jukebox parts

Gottlieb Spin Wheel pinball machine
Gottlieb Spin Wheel pinball machine.

jukebox drukknoppen nieuw

rock and roll dresses
The shop with fifties dresses was popular among the women.

First time I saw this jukebox, it really looked very cool.

singing towers jukebox
Singing Towers jukebox.

antieke jukebox

Wurlitzer jukebox and diner booths



black_knight_2000 pinball machine
Sega's Space Jam, Star Wars, Dr Dude and Williams Black Knight 2000 pinball machines.

jukebox keychains

egg machine
Old dutch egg machine.

Williams Junk yard pinbal
Williams Junk Yard pinball machine.

Henk De Jager Merlins Magic
Henk De Jager has also a booth, selling a few restored pinball machines. The masterpiece of the show was his new hand-made pinball machine, Merlin's Magic.


gumball machines

track reels slotmachine

various, smurfs

overview Rosmalen Autotron

retro ashtrays

Pinups and Betty Page

princess slot machines

gumball machines

old Heineken ad

parking meters, martini clock

grey toy car

antique cash registers


Ami continental jukebox

Mias Fifties
Mias Fifties.

Coca Cola

TURF pinball machine

Big Valley and A-go-go pinball machine
Bally Big Valley and A-Go-Go pinball machines.

Indiana Jones slotmachine
Indiana Jones slotmachine

Follies Bergere posters

Rock-Ola open jukebox

Wurlitzer bubbler jukebox

german horse racing game

Bimbo Box
A Bimbo box. Drop in a coin and the monkeys play to the music.

Pashinko machines from DragonFly amusement

vintage bingos: Miss America, Miss universe, London
Vintage bingos: Bally Miss America, Miss Universe and London.

Bally Gay Time bingo
Bally Gay Time bingo machine.

The Twist bingo machine
The Twist bingo machine.

Dodge City pinball machine
Dodge City pinball machine.

Gottlieb Cue Ball Wizard

Kiss pinball playfield, Gottlieb Genie

Bally Kiss pinball machine

carnival ride motorcycles

pachinko and pashislo

yellow gumball machines

jackpot vintage slot machine

rockola jukebox

jukebox symhpnic




vintage cameras




Asteroids home console

Monster Bash pinball machine
A Monster Bash pinball machine.. with no wear on the cabinet near the legs.. well no wear that you can see :-)

swatch watches

Hurricane pinball machine, woman undressing

Rollux shooting game
Vintage Rollux german wall shooting games.

metal toys

diner booths and tables

Kreidler motorcycle

tuned Cadillac

rock and roll band

classic restored coach bus