The indoor Rock around the Jukebox show 2010

The Rock Around the Jukebox Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Fanaat magazine.
The 2010 edition was held in the weekend of October 16 and 17.

As usual we visited this yearly show. It's an event we really don't want to miss. We were there already on saturday morning around 10 o'clock, when the doors opened. Compared to the last years, the number of people that's there early in the morning is less and less.. in the first 2 hours of the morning the show wasn't very crowded, especially on the main floor you could take your time and have a detailed look at everything (and take pictures). In the afternoon it really got crowded. Seems the audience changed, a few years ago there were a lot of people who went there early (hoping to find some treasures before anyone else had it), and now the visitors just want to have a day off.. Although there are always early birds, not soon after I arrived I already saw people walking back to their cars with their arms full..

A lot of the things for sale are the same as the last years. I'm glad to see there were still pinball machines for sale. Not a lot, but a little bit more than before, and at some booths the prices were reasonable.

Enjoy the pictures, there are over 120 in total, so I have split them up over several pages.

rosmalen hall overview
Overview of the main hall where everything is happening.
Pauls 50s american truck and the balloons at Jolina's booth are the main attractions.

jukeboxes for sale
Jukeboxes for sale, a Bally Scared Stiff pinball machine, parts.. an average booth at this show.

restored jukeboxes
Even more restored jukeboxes for sale.

RockOla jukebox, Ami Continental jukebox, bumper car

AMI jukebox
A beautiful old Ami jukebox.

restored RockOla and AMI Continental jukebox, coca cola vendo machine
More restored jukeboxes, a Coca Cola vendo machine and Jim Beam neon guitar.

AMI Bumper jukebox

Ami Continental, Ami bumper, silver model airplane

Pauls50s jukebox and American truck
Some of the jukeboxes Pauls50s has brought with them.

jukebox, neons and pinball parts
A jukebox, a lot of neons and some pinball parts.

old jukebox

jukeboxes and pinball machine
More jukeboxes and an electro-mechanical 4 player pinball machine.

jukebox parts for sale
Jukebox parts for sale.

de marpleats friesland jukeboxes for sale

jukebox wallboxes
Wallboxes, jukebox parts and manuals for sale.

jukeboxes to restore
Jukeboxes to restore. This was about the only booth that had unrestored jukeboxes. All others had restored (or at least complete and good looking) jukeboxes. The previous years it was more common to see these unrestored jukeboxes for sale.

new jack daniels wurlitzer cd jukebox
Brand new jukeboxes were also available, these Wurlitzer cd jukeboxes come in several themes.

new Wurlitzer cd jukebox
100 cd Wurlitzer jukebox.

bimbo box
A bimbo box. Insert a coin and the monkeys will play music for you.

jukebox gallery booth

car jukebox

Bennies Fifties booth

Bennies Fifties
Bennies Fifties

Music fun for everyone jukeboxes

AMI K jukebox
An Ami King jukebox.

Restored RockOla jukeboxes

pink vespa and jukeboxes

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