2011 Indoor Rock around the Jukebox Show

As usual we visited this year again the indoor Rock around the Jukebox Show in Rosmalen, Netherlands.
No surprises at this show, the usual sellers and stuff for sale like always. Well maybe one surprise, we visited this time on sunday afternoon and the place was packed ! Usually we visit on saturday morning (trying to be early, maybe find some deals), and then the parking place outside is only half filled. It seems most visitors come on sunday afternoon as the parking was completely full.

I don't know how sales were - but not spectacular good I'm afraid. Some sellers complained to me that saterday was very slow and sunday morning wasn't any better..
It's the first time in all these years that exhibitors complained when I took their picture. Not just one or two did, but at least half a dozen. When they all say 'buy something instead of taking pictures' - there is a trend, which isn't positive.. Either too many photographers had passed by sunday afternoon, but when sales would've been good they wouldn't have time to complain.
Btw when you're an exhibitor shown in the pictures below, email me, put a link to my site on yours and I'll add a link to your site. It sometimes happens that people who visit this page email me to ask which vendor had a specific machine for sale..

A nice surprise was the amount of pinball machines and parts. I get the impression there were (a few) more than last year. There have been years that you almost couldn't find a pinball machine at this show.. this year there were some nice titles for sale, some dealers had interesting spare parts, ..

Moosdijk books
As always Moosdijk bookstore is at the main entrance, they specialize in books for collectors.

restored jukebox for sale

sixties collectibles

coca-cola collectibles

Jukebox Revival

Mias Fifties

Wurlitzer Shop

Fish Tales pinball machine

jukebox parts

Wurlitzer Trashcan jukebox

pettycoats for sale

terminator 2 pinball machine

Flipperkast.nl had a lot of parts from parted out pinball machines for sale. Plastics, metal and plastic ramps, and more specific assemblies.

AMI jukebox

The Addams Family pinball machine


Bennies Fifties

neon signs
As usual Bennies Fifties had a large booth with jukeboxes, clothes and neon signs.

strength tester

german wallgames and pinball parts

Data East Tommy pinball machine

McDonalds clown statue

strength tester

zeldzame flippers
Zeldzame flippers.nl also had pinball parts and some restored machines for sale.

Bally pinball machine

RO-GO pinball machine

Henk de Jager Calypso bingo
Calypso bingo. This is a unique piece ! Henk De Jager created this machine all by himself. It's a project hs has been working on for over 10 years.

Henk de Jager Calypso bingo
A view inside the backbox of this electro-mechanical bingo machine, showing its complexity. The schematics are double from those for a pinball machine.




Twilight Zone pinball machine

Black Knight pinball machine

restored Bally bingo machines
Frans and Ed had a nice booth with restored electro-mechanical machines.

Miami Beach Bally bingo backglass
This is a Bally Miamy Beach bingo backglass that they have recreated. Last year they could already re-create backglasses, but it was printed on foil. Now they have improved their process and it's a digital print directly onto the glass. The result is a much better quality, with better colors.

new backglass for Bally Miamy Beach bingo
The backside of the backglass showing the mask.

gence Springtime

DC10 airplane scale model


Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine

Indiana Jones pinball machine


slot machines

pinball machines

Pauls 50ies, Pauls Fifties
Pauls 50s was again present with their truck, filled with restored jukeboxes.

Fuel pump


Gumball machines

singles and records

Martini Rossi enamel thermometer

Pinball machines

Citroen DS and oldtimer cars
Behind the exposition hall were all the oldtimer cars parked.

Rock and Roll dance instructor
In the second hall there was live music, and also a Rock and Roll dance instructor explaining all the moves.

Rock and Roll dance

Bimbo box


Antique skill pinball horse racing machine