The Rock around the Jukebox show Open air 2011

The Rock Around the Jukebox Open Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2011 edition was held on Sunday May 15.

As always, there were a lot of exhibitors. I only took pictures of some of the most interesting booths and things for sale, there was at least 10 times vendors more than what I show here.
There weren't many pinball machines or even parts available. In my opinion even a bit less jukeboxes for sale. It has become more a show with vendors of vintage collectibles, rock and roll memoriabilia, pin-up related things, and such.

police speed camera on tripod
We went off to motorway to get some coffee, just where the police had set up a speed camera.. maybe it' was good that we stopped for coffee, although this time we drove within speed limit..

Mias Fifties
Just like the previous years was the first booth when you enter the terrain that of Mias Fifties, selling diner booths, tables and other fifties decoration for your house.

Coca Cola collectibles
Always Coca-Cola.

fuel pump, gumball machines

jukeboxes, enamel sign
As the weather wasn't very good, most sellers were prepared and had covered their expensive machines to protect them for rain.

Wurlitzer jukebox
There were almost no arcade machines available at this show. Don't know if the sellers don't have them or the public just isn't interested in them.

jukebox and jukebox parts
Jukeboxes and parts were available.

Michelin Bibendum pump, Radhja fortune teller, crane machine
Michelin Bibendum air pump, Radhja fortune teller, vintage crane machine

jukebox parts and pachinko machine

japanese pinball pachinko machine
A Japanese pinball-themed pachinko/pachislo machine with flippers.

truck with jukeboxes
Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola jukeboxes

more jukeboxes Rock-Ola Stereo

Bally Fireball pinball machine
Bally Fireball pinball machine, american version for 695 euro. Reasonable price, but don't know the playfield condition.

vending machines

vintage skill machines

new in box dinky toys car collection
A collection of Dinky toy cars, still new in box..

restored Wurlitzer jukeboxes

gumball machines

old pinball
Old flipperless pin-ball machine

french flipperless pin-ball machine
Old french flipperless pinball machine

Five Star Final pinball
Five Star Final flipperless pinball machine

martini thermometer, slot machine

pin-up boardgame

small jukebox
Saw this small sized jukebox in the trailer of someones booth. It was already sold. Never have seen a jukebox this small.

autopede tank

jukebox wallboxes
Wallboxes and other jukebox parts

The Booster skillgame
The Booster skill game. Look, we won 1 euro !

juke box jamboree
Small juke box jamboree

restored michelin bibendum air pumps
Nicely restored Michelin Bibendum air pumps from Retrofun

Edison records
Old grammophone player

Morse telegraph set

pin-up clothes and stockings
Nice underwear

mini jukeboxes
Plastic mini-jukeboxes in all different models

fake Tintin statues

Barbie and Ken Star Trek edition
For the Star Trek fan: Barbie and Ken Star Trek edition

Jubop magazine
The Jubop magazine - a dutch magazine about the fifties and sixties lifestyle

Michelin, Fiat, Anco, Spa Citron enamel plates

This german seller had interesting pinball parts, and also a Bally NBA:Fastbreak and Demolition Man pinball machine for sale.

Zundapp motorcycle

Boule D Or, La vache qui rit, primagaz

It was an exhausting day for some people.. :-)

Wurlitzer jukebox

Novomat Juwel gambling machine
German Novomat Juwel gambling machine

Coca-Cola, jukebox

Coca-Cola vendo machines

Pauls Fifties
As usual Pauls Fifties from Germany had come with their large american truck.

Coca-Cola vending machines
All types of restored Coca-Cola vending machines

bingo machine playfield, chicken with egg machine

vintage slotmachines

Rock-Ola jukebox to restore

working jukebox mechanism

jukebox amplifiers, ballpoint pen and stamps vending machines


old slotmachine
Old slotmachine, don't know if it was something home-made.

Cd jukeboxes

clothes for sale
Nice fifties clothes for sale at

vintage slot machines

slot machines


Check and Super Straight pinball backglasses
Check and Super Straight pinball backglasses

pinball backglasses and parts
More pinball backglasses and parts for sale. This seller came all the way from Sweden.

pinball pcbs, Recel, Game Plan
NOS pcbs for some rare brands like Recel, GamePlan, ..

real-life size Yoda figure

pinball machine parts
Zeldzame was present, they had a lot of parts and playfields.

Williams Flash body

Williams Comet pinball machine

Bally Mystic pinball machine

Bally Wizard pinball machine

Rock-Ola jukebox

Rotamint and jukebox

old motorcycles

rock and roll dancing
As always there was live rock and roll music, people dancing, ..