TonTon Club Westergas Amsterdam

When visiting new cities I always try to find pinball machines. A city trip to Amsterdam wasn't different in that regard. Asking online for references where to play, apart from coffee shops that have one pinball machine, there was one name that I often heard about. TonTon Club. As luck had it, I was minutes away from that location. Time to investigate!

Their website is at They're located in 'Westergas', a large park on the West side of Amsterdam. About a 10 minutes walk from within the city centre.

The TonTonClub is not a dedicated arcade. It's a restaurant / bar that is retro game themed. You come there for a drink or to eat, especially in summer it's nice on their terrace. They have board games, some arcade games and also pinball machines. Tokens to use on the machines have to be bought at the bar.

The pinball machines are in good condition and well maintained. Everything worked correctly, the playfields were clean, ..
I was happy to encounter 3 machines on location that don't have issues, they were a pleasure to play.

TonTon Club Westergas Amsterdam
TonTon Club Westergas Amsterdam.

Pinball machines at TonTon Club Westergas Amsterdam
The 3 pinball machines at this location. Bally Attack from Mars, Road Show and The Addams Family.

Road Show pinball machine
Road Show pinball machine.

The Addams Family pinball machine
The Addams Family pinball machine.

TonTon Club Westergas Amsterdam
High Score ! Not the best score ever, but not bad for just one quick first game on this machine.
It probably wasn't set to extra hard :)