Namusco open house 2005

Namusco (National Music Company) is the official distributor in Belgium of arcade machines. They distribute (and repair) arcade games, Stern pinball machines, Wurlitzer jukeboxes and many more.

Every year they invite people who are in this business to have a look at the new machines (usually a few weeks after the ATEI show). Operators of this equipment can see what's new on the market (and buy these machines for their amusement halls).

Namusco building

Outrun 2 deluxe
The first thing we saw were these nice Outrun 2 deluxe arcade machines.

Outrun 2 SP
And for who wants to play the game but doesn't have the big money for the deluxe version there was also the regular Outrun 2 SP sitdown in linked play.

fast and the Furious arcade
Some other racing games were also available. The same ones we saw at ATEI, all with a 'tuning' theme.

Nascar Speed Thrill

Tuning Race

Ghost Squad
Light guns are always fun at the arcade halls. Ghost Squad was the latest, it's a great game, in a very impressive deluxe version.

Ghost Squad screen

Ghost Squad standup
Ghost Squad is also available in a regular version.

Wurlitzer jukebox

Alpine racer

soccer game

Space Invaders
Space Invaders Silver Anniversary Edition.

Strength testers

Stern pinball machines
Namusco always has some new and used pinball machines available.