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Affiliate link : Pinball repair information. : Pinball repair information.

Pinball News : Martin keeps you updated with all the latest news in the pinball world.

Pinball Owners : Let the world know what machines you have, search or buy games. : Pinball parts for sale and repair information. : Pinball machines, arcades, jukeboxes, bingos and more in France

Tilt : Italian site, by Frederico Croci, THE resource for Italian games. Buy his book 'Pinball machines for Italy', it's very interesting.

Vecchi Flipper : Italian site, very interesting.

Pinball.At : A pinball collector in Austria. : Spanish pinball parts shop, has a nice stock of NOS parts for spanish manufacturers.

Scott Farrar's links page : it's not my intention to put links to every pinball site on the internet here. Scott however does a good job of this, so if you look for many links about pinball, check his homepage.

About Pinball : has an email list and publish an excellent book about pinball for beginners.

MoPinball : game information and instruction cards. : Download and print instruction cards and much more.

Steve Channel : website from a pinball collector. Has some technical information online. : Belgian pinball forum - if you're from Belgium or Netherlands, please join the forum.

Eric Pinball : Eric's personal website. Tech info, game reviews, and an active (french speaking) forum.

Arcade Belgium : Everything about arcade games in Belgium.

PinGame Journal : Interesting magazine with all the latest news and inside information. : If you are ever in Las Vegas you have to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Church of the silver ball : This is one church I'd like to join !

CoinBall : This site has some interesting articles about everything coin-op related.

Pinball Wizard : Cows and easter eggs, TAFG owners list and more.. : German pinball site.

World Pinball Directory : Links to pinball sites.

Talk Pinball : Talk Pinball! is a webcast (internet radio show) where enthusiasts can call in and talk to designers, manufacturers, collectors, and more. We also share repair and restoration tips as well as answer tech questions.

Home pinball repair : Similar information as my pinball basics pages.

Indiana Jones pinball : homepage about the Indiana Jones pinball machine.

Pinball Collectors Resource : Book with lists of all pinball machines ever manufactured.

Richard Baan : homepage, creation of a custom pinball machine. : Rene is a dutch pinball collector with a very nice collection of games.

JT Amusements : Sells pinball games and parts. : Sells a lot of interesting modifications. : Personal site of the pinbits owner, with technical information for those of us that want to create some of the mods themselves. : 3D panoramas of pinball shows.

Pat Lawlor Design : Pinball game designer Pat Lawlor, interesting info how pinball machines get designed.

Steve Ritchie : Pinball game designer Steve Ritchie own site, sells nice rare pinball memoriabilia.

Flipper Italia : Italian forum for pinball collectors.

Gioco Flipper : Italian pinball organisation.

Zeldzame flippers (dutch) : Dutch website about rare pinball machines. A lot of information and interesting games and parts for sale.

High Score Initials : Register your own high score initials.

Pinball Games : Play online pinball games. : Website of a pinball collector, nice pictures. : Podcast about pinball machines.

Visual Pinball forums : the source for Visual Pinball. : bingo machines information. : bingo machines information. : pinball repair details.

Habos : arcade and pinball machines.

Chris Hibler : Chris personal collection. : pinball machines in the Austin area. : detailed information about the Firepower pinball machine. : overview of links to pinball sites. : lots of jukebox and pinball info, scorecards. : Texas pinball festival. : Pinball sales, repairs and restoration in So Cal. : Quality vintage pinball machine restorations. : Pinball machines in Chile. : Interesting site of a dutch pinball collector.

Valley Spectra IV : Restoration progress of a Valley Spectra IV rotating cocktail pinball machine.

Alvin G : Information about Alvin G pinball machines by Brian.

Flipper Klub Hungary : Hungarian pinball club.

Pinball : UK pinball dealer.

Weir pinball : Pinball machine information.

Old Binger : Restoration and repairing of old bingo machines.

Pinball Inventor : Have your own custom pinball machine created by John Popaduik !

Retro Heart : 1/12th scale models of pinball machines for sale

KS Arcade : New and refurbished pinball boards and electronic parts.

NY Pinball flyer database : Database of all pinball machine flyers.

Pre War pinball : Information about all pre-war pinball machines.

Pinball Miniatures : More pinball machine scale models.

Iowa pinball club : Iowa pinball machine club.

Flipper Sloop : Pinball parts for sale.

Other pinball and related shops and sites : belgian shop that sells arcade parts, pcbs and makes mame cabinets to order. : Magazine for lovers of old jukeboxes and organisation of the Rock around the Jukebox shows. : reproduction parts for old jukeboxes.

Pauls 50s : Very large dealer in Germany, with pinballs, jukeboxes and much more !

Pinball UK : Pinball dealer in the UK. : Specialised tools and parts to restore pinball machines. Recommended !

Kermis World : not about pinball but everything about fairs in Belgium.

Fabulous Fifties : sells everything for the gameroom and makes custom diners

Jukebox Revival : manuals, needles, and much more..
They gave very good service when I had questions about installing a needle I bought.

Brabantse Automaten Service (BrAS) : in the Netherlands, sells pinball machines 'as is' but also revised with a warranty.

Pinball Restore (Italy) : Italian pinball dealer.

Geert Seys sells enamel plates in excellent condition

Daves place : sixties and more...

Arcade Repair Tips: how to repair arcade games.

Retrofun: belgian collector that sells a part of his machines.

Back Alley Creations : Black pinballs and mods for your machines.

Spanish pinball parts store, has nice custom gold parts.

Iowa pinball club : Iowa pinball machine club.

Kase-eo : UK manufacturer of custom video pinball machines.

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