The Rock around the Jukebox show 2006 Open air

The Rock Around the Jukebox Open Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2006 edition was held on Sunday May 21.

The weather was a bit better than last year. Although on Saturday a big storm passed over Belgium and the Netherlands, Sunday stayed dry most of the time. In the morning the sky was still clouded but in the afternoon there was even some sunshine over the show.

The show itself was similar to previous years. A lot of sellers, most from the Netherlands, big companies but a lot of private persons too.. and some sellers and visitors from abroad. People from Germany, UK and Sweden.

The show turns more into an old toys and antiques show than an jukeboxshow I find. The collectibles/flea market part becomes bigger and bigger. Still jukeboxes for sale but less.. very little pinball machines for sale. Only a few sellers had some pins, some others had parts, and that was it. In my opinion the previous years had more sellers that had a lot of things and one of two pins too.. But if you collect old toys, various collectibles or coca cola merchandise this was heaven.

Gaucho and Masquerade pinball
Two e-m pinball machines: Masquarade and Gaucho. Backglasses were ok, playfields dirty and some damage..

More antique pin-tables.

Bally Playboy, Addams Family, Rolling Stones pinball machines
A used Addams Family pinball playfield, new Bally Playboy backglass, Rolling Stones pinball machine. This seller came all the way down from Sweden.

pinball backglasses
More items from this seller: backglasses, flyers and manuals. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the last part of his table. This seller also had NOS plastics sets from old Gottlieb games like Sinbad, Cleopatra, Black Hole, Pinball Pool and many more..

Corvette pinball
More pins for sale. The goodies were on this sellers table.. NOS plastic sets for several Data East games. Used and NOS ramps.. A large plastic bag full of Champion Pub boxer arms. I bought a NOS set of Whirlwind plastics here for a friend. There was also a NOS Whirlwind ramp. Used BSD parts, and many more..

Monopoly, Diner, Frankenstein and Checkpoint pinball machine.
More pinball machines for sale: Stern Monopoly, Williams Diner, Sega Frankenstein and Data East Checkpoint.

Gold Record backglass
Chicago Coin's Gold Record pinball backglass.

gumball machines
Gumball machines in all sizes and models.

live Rock and roll band
The rock and roll band attracted a lot of people..

metal ad plates
Enamel advertising boards for sale.

more collectibles
More collectibles for sale: enamel boards, toy cars, ..

jukebox parts
No jukebox show without jukebox parts..

coca cola and jukes
Classic jukeboxes and Vendo Coca Cola sales machines.

pool ball christmas tree ornaments
pool ball christmas tree ornaments

NOS Fireball, Paragon and Vector playfield
This german seller also had some NOS pinball playfields: Vector, Fireball 2 (or Classic ?) and Paragon..

bubble gum and chocolate vending machine
Antique vending machines

old toys

Some antique toy pintables and slot machines.


Antique Wurlitzer jukeboxes.


Bel Air oldtimer
Bel Air oldtimer cars

oldtimer pickup trucks

oldtimer Cadillac