The Rock around the Jukebox show Open air 2010

The Rock Around the Jukebox Open Air Show is organized by the Jukebox Collector magazine.
The 2010 edition was held on Sunday May 16.

The last few years I hadn't brought my camera with me as it's always the same, every year.
This year I decided to take pictures again. But if you compare to last years editions, most of what's for sale is the same as before.
One thing which was sad to see, is that there are every year less and less pinball machines for sale !
I've heard there was only one DMD game at the show, which was already sold by the time I was at its booth. Even electro-mechanical games were pretty hard to find.

Vintage collectables and arcade games

vintage film posters, mannequins

Midway Table Tennis
Midways Table Tennis. I've never seen this arcade wallgame before. It's made in 1972. Here's more information about this Midway Table Tennis coinop machine.

fresh hot nuts, fire, heineken beer

metal signs

seventies televisions

Fiat bumper car

Rowe Ami jukebox

Diner booths
As usual Mia's Fifties had a large tent in which they had a lot of diner tables for sale.

Wurlitzer 71 jukebox and gas pump

Coca-cola vendo and Ziggy the Clown vending machine
Coca-cola and Ziggy the Clown vending machines

Biorhythm machine

Wurlitzer jukeboxes
Some vendors again had a lot of jukeboxes for sale.

old bumper car, motorcycle and slot machines
Vintage bumper car and more interesting things for sale from

bimbo box with topper
At this show there's usually a bimbo box for sale. First time I've seen one with a topper.

If we are what we eat then I must be fast, cheap and easy

master-matic perfume vending machine
Master-Matic perfume vending machine. Choose your favorite perfume of Paris, New York and London.

postal stamps vending machines

Someone was doing some live airbrushing.

Pauls Fifties
Pauls Fifties was here again with his huge american truck, selling jukeboxes.

Some of Pauls 50s jukeboxes.

long shot test your skill

Ford chewing gum

airbrushed soda vending machine

retro clothes

wurlitzer jukebox, metal signs

Odd ball pre-flipper machine
Vintage pre-flipper game, Odd Ball.

Pez-Box and other vending machines.

Some pinball books, tabletop arcade games, mini Sega slotmachines


kiddie ride, gumball vending machine

miniature jukeboxes

Moulin Rouge wallgames

wallgames, slotmachine, beer ads

Bosch fridge
An old Bosch fridge. Read here how we repainted a vintage Bosch fridge.

vintage slotmachines

Bally slotmachines, Bally Mustang, Bally Circus

Chicago Coin Bulls-Eye Drop Ball
Chicago Coin Bulls-Eye Drop Ball. First time I saw this skillgame. Drop a ball in a certain zone and get points depending on the position it end.

vintage strength meter coinop machine

Pinball machines for sale

pinball parts, BSD houses, Flik Flak game

pinball playfields and NOS ramps
Some playfields from parted games and a suitcase full off NOS ramps.

blue jungle lord pinball machine
Some of the games forsale by, such as a Williams Jungle Lord with blue cabinet.

flipper books, tabletop arcade machines

Eight Ball Deluxe pinball mirror
Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition pinball mirror.

Recel pinball Space Game backglass
Backglass of Recel pinball machine: Space Game.

Gottlieb King Rock pinball machine
Gottlieb King Rock pinball machine

NOS pinball backglasses
Some NOS pinball backglasses: Teachers Pet, Central Park.

Jukeboxes for sale


NOS wallbox
Someone even had NOS wallboxes for sale.

jukebox, fresh pop corn
Jukeboxes and a popcorn machine.

wallboxes and skillgames

Rock-Ola jukebox

Wurlitzer jukebox

Mills jukebox
Mills jukebox. This is a model you don't see very often.

Seeburg Jukebox

Oldtimer cars

Police car

oldtimer for sale

Chevrolet Corvette

red Hot Rod car

VW bug
Three Volkswagen bugs in a row, each is another model/generation.

Corvette Cabriolet Indianapolis 500 official pace car

NOVA kit car
NOVA kit car based on a VW bug chassis.

NOVA kit car
This Nova kit car is only 1 meter high !

small car

Thunderbird oldtimer car

Mopar cars had their own part.

military DAF car
As we were in the Netherlands, there were some DAF Cars too. Here's one in military edition.

DESOTO oldtimer