Download free desktop wallpapers

Free desktop wallpapers for the pinball-addicts among us. Widescreen format wallpapers and extra high resolution (1900 by 1200 pixels) now available.

To install: Select the image in the resolution of your screen, open image in your browser, right-click and select 'set as background'.

Wheel of Fortune wallpaper Wheel of Fortune backglass of the pinball game based on the tv-show
Spiderman wallpaper Spiderman backglass of the game based on the movie
Spiderman Doc Ock wallpaper Spiderman Doc Ock Ball Lock
Family Guy wallpaper Family Guy backglass of the game based on the tv-series
Batman Dark Knight wallpaper Stern Batman Dark Knight backglass
Big Bang Bar wallpaper Capcom Big Bang Bar backglass
Cactus Canyon wallpaper Cactus Canyon backglass
Bally Fireball backglass Bally Fireball backglass
Indiana Jones wallpaper Williams Indiana Jones backglass
NBA wallpaper Stern NBA backglass
Shrek wallpaper Stern Shrek backglass
The Rolling Stones wallpaper Stern The Rolling Stones backglass